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In present corporate world, some people may relish an extroverted “sales personality” that makes them a natural fit for the sales team, selling effectively is still a skill that must be developed and taught to them in most easy at the same time effective way. Sales training can help aspiring salespeople develop and practice the skills they need to succeed and increase their confidence level by repeating them. Proper sales training is important for a number of reasons:

Effective communication Skill
At times most of salespeople enjoy talking to people, they may not possess well-rounded communication skills. Sales training must help to foster key skills such as listening to gain an understanding of what the prospect truly wants and needs and why, as well as the art of asking the right questions during the presentation to get maximum details from client which can help to provide proper solution to them.
Knowing Sales Methodology
Sales training can teach the salesperson a well-defined proven methodology that has proven to be successful in number of occasion. This gives the salesperson a road map to keep them on track throughout the presentation instead of simply “winging it.” A key component is the development of various closing techniques to gain a buying commitment from the prospect and overcoming the negotiation.
Managing Objections
Objections are a normal part of the sales process, as prospects tend to seek reasons not to buy. Improperly trained salesperson may simply agree with the objection and stop selling. This will indeed incur losses to companies for the cost they spent to get that lead and efforts which they have put. whereas, the most successful salespeople expect to receive objections during their presentation and solve them quickly to sell.

Learning Administrative Skills
Some salespeople have a tendency to focus solely on the “client” view of the situation, like prospecting and making sales calls, while overlooking the administrative responsibilities. Real sales training points out the importance of functions such as tracking daily activities, keeping accurate records and analysing closing ratios. This information can help the salesperson better manage their time, increase organization and determine areas that need improving.

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Our well-planned customized sales training programs covers every part of the sales process


From mining and prospect management to consultancy based selling, negotiation, key account development and sales management, our sales training programs will cover each of them in proper way which can help you achieve your business objectives and revenue targets. We have trained hundreds of thousands of sellers, sales managers, leaders, professionals and students around the sphere to help them increase sales significantly and achieve massive targets easily.


The Most Effective Sales Training

Almost 80-85% of sales training program fails to have long-term impact, yours doesn’t have to. YMS customized sales training programs deliver 98% learning engagement and our training system boosts knowledge retention by 99%, so skills are educated, functional, and transferred on-the-job again and again as daily bases.


Outstanding Sales Method

Our sales method is top-rated as it is always designed based on your need. We do understand that each company is doing unique business and they have unique process of sales based on the industry they are into. All programs are research-based with communication, discussion, historical data, analysis, actual problems and solutions for them.


Comprehensive Learning Structure

We don’t believe in just teaching. Training is not our focus but behavior change is. We have a Comprehensive Learning Structure that includes assessment, program customization, and strong reinforcement to ensure that learning happens over time to drive behavior change and give top performance.

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Sales Training Modules


Prospects are won and lost based on the conversations your salesperson have with potential buyer. Normally, salesperson make common mistakes that end up losing them the prospect. YMS focuses on the selling skills that have the most impact on performance improvement and which can give you best possible growth in terms of both revenue and client base.

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Strategic Account Management

How many of your accounts are buying all they should from you, across all of your capability areas??? Selling to existing accounts is one of the major unexploited chances for revenue growth. In fact, Top Performers in strategic account management experience meaningfully greater revenue growth, profit growth, and year-over-year client satisfaction with good word of mount in market.

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Buyers are savvier than ever, and always on the lookout for the best value. When it comes time to improve commitment, buyers will often seek to negotiate to get a better deal. Negotiation is critical for them to attain their goals and manage their resources, and it’s crucial for you to keep margins, profitability, and customer satisfaction high by selling at lower cost.

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Mastering the Opportunity

Basic principal of sales remain same today as it was thousand year back. Salesperson who can build and implement a strategy to win sales opportunities of all sizes—from the everyday to the most important—consistently closes more sales. In Mastering the Opportunity, your salespeople will learn a complete, organised, and repeatable process for creating winning sales approaches, and they’ll be introduced to a rigorous opportunity planning methods.

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How to sell professional services

Most professionals’ don’t enter their chosen career so they can spend their days selling but the reality is that to expand a professional service business or any other business, all of the firm’s stake holders and professionals must be involved in, and successful with, business development process. For professionals who were never taught how to sell in past, this is a daunting task for them and they require sales training in market. YMS will help you to learn all of this  methodology.

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Sales coaching

Manager and leaders need to motivate the salesperson to get the best result out of them and always win the opportunity given to them by doing right things. More than ever, sales teams struggle with unqualified leads, missed sales goals, and lost opportunities who were about to do business. Sales Coaching is an effective way to tackle these burning issues, but business development leader, sales leaders and managers are at a loss for how to implement a productive coaching system.

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Sales Management

Each individual performer can’t lead the team in positive direction. People find themselves in the role of sales manager as the result of a promotion to recognize their individual best performance as a seller. But the individual selling skills that make for a successful seller and a successful sales manager are quite dissimilar. In fact, managing a sales team is one of the more problematic jobs in any company. YMS use questionnaires, instruction sessions, case studies and practical exercises to equip your managers with the skills you need to help each member to fulfill their maximum potential

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Sales Objection Management

Most of the salesperson feel lost if client is shutting them down from beginning. There’s plenty of good advice out there on how to overcome sales objections, but most of it is about what to do during a negotiation. Reality is, objection handling starts much earlier in the sales process. Because once you send your first email to a prospect, or someone answers your cold call, then there’s always a chance that they will simply say “we don’t need this.” Knowing how to respond to rejection can be tough. Objections are unavoidable but should never be seen as a door smashing closed in your face.

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Motivational Training

Motivational sales training encourages salespeople to motivate themselves and team– at least that’s what motivation sales training courses and programs should do. But, most sales management and motivational training programs teach only theory without understanding the actual scenario. We, on the other hand, teach practicality in our motivational coaching programs, business/leadership training coaching sessions.Motivational sales training inspires salespeople to motivate themselves. If you and your sales team is feeling they are lost and not able to perform in this competitive..

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People Skill

Good people skills are an asset in nearly every line of work. Good people skills are defined as the ability to listen, communicate and relate to others on a personal or professional level. Good people skills also spread to include problem-solving abilities, understanding for others and a willingness to work together toward the common objectives.

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