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Successful execution of sales strategies requires that people and personnel are well trained and supported for customer engagement at all stages of the shopper lifecycle. YMS’s Training division offers solutions for sales readiness and customer management for a range of projects.

Proven sales and corporate sales training programs

Our extremely innovative corporate sales training programs have been developed by YMS professionals, tested and proven successful for over several years.

Method that worth long-term success over short-term fixes

Our exclusive method emphasizes ongoing replication what we call “reinforcement training.” It assists boost your learning path and then increasing your successes over time, as our attitude become part of your company’s DNA.

Unique way of delivering training

Long after the enthusiasm of our first training takes place; we’ll persist to support what your people learn with continuing training practicum, person coaching sessions, and interactive online tools. Actually, we’re the only organization that provides that type of ongoing reinforcement.


The YMS approach is simple and easy to apply in your team’s routine activities. That’s in stark contrast to many over-engineered methods with procedures people won’t use and attitude that executives can’t reinforce.

An Overview

YMS’s broad suite of sales training modules consists leveraging the latest in technology and industry-leading sales trainers, plugging-in with the large sales approach and procedure prospects. Sales teams are trained from the ground-up, factoring the detailed geo involved and real-world challenges for complete sales ecosystem growth.

Bridging the gap between Sales reps and customers

Our training programs aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The training requirements evaluations will recognize any gaps in your existing training initiatives and employee skill sets. These gaps will be evaluated and prioritized and curved into the organization’s training goals.

Enhancing customer services

Sale Training can make you stand out in the customer’s mind since of your diligence, understanding and satisfying resolutions. Trained front-line customer service reps severely develop your company’s customer satisfaction scores.

Increasing cross-selling

Our program can assist cross-functional teams to enhance in a highly coordinated manner by increasing specific individual and organizational skills to cross-sell and up-sell.

Sales Training Modules


Today’s buyers are savvy, demanding, pressured, risk-averse, and more challenging; they still require help to make the best business and personal decisions. For this, we at YMS focus on the important structure of a sales conversation or customer meeting and offer a great roadmap for a successful, buyer-focused dialogue.

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Strategic Account Management

YMS’s Strategic account management goes beyond traditional strategic account management planning to allow sales professionals to generate reliable, assessable value with their key customers. With the combination of procedure, strategy, and dialogue skills, salespeople are trained to co-create value with buyer stakeholders.

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The module offers a repeatable and robust negotiation agenda that is confirmed to carry win-win results. Candidates will understand the main components of successful negotiation and be able to execute a robust and ordered strategy to the closing stages of any opportunity they are coming across.

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Mastering the Opportunity

Learn approaches, skills, and tools for preparing and delivering winning sales presentations to beat competitors and the category quo. Mastering the opportunity to capture your customer’s hearts and minds while making a persuasive business case for change. Learn a complete, organised, and repeatable process for creating winning sales approaches.

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How to sell professional services

Trained experienced sales professionals take the next footstep to becoming a ‘first-class sales professional’. YMS helps participants to target, strategy and transfer new business opportunity whilst building the foundations of a long-term, advantageous association. We bring relevant insights and ideas to create worth in the buying experience.

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Sales coaching

To help sales leaders and managers in executing an inclusive, YMS provide results-driven sales culture and approach that will deliver rapid and measurable results. By the end of the module, candidates will understand the most general mistakes made in Sales Leadership and how to prevent them. It will help you to become most successful leader and lead your team.

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Sales Management

Several people find themselves in the position of sales manager as the effect of a promotion to identify their top performance as a seller. But the skills for the successful sales manager and successful seller are much different. With our Sales Management training program, we will teach participants on how to direct the people on their teams, keep them inspired to always beat targets.

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Sales Objection Management

The ability to resolve sales objection successfully is vital skills for sellers. YMS’s Sales Objection management assists sellers increase the skills that they require to engage customers in a needs-based dialogue that assist them to recognize and reply to customer objections in a method that enables them to better position their solution.

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Motivational Training

Sales training programs should be proper for any skill level. YMS motivational training can assist you and your sales team today, from cold calling scripts that make an 85 percent response rate to pioneering sales closing methods that close the deal and cover your way to future success. Our sales motivational topics and tips are covered in sales training programs.

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People Skill

People skills are important to meet and work with people of different social, ideological, thinker and cultural backgrounds. Our people skills module helps manager and salespeople within an organization to create positive working relationships. Getting along with others in the office, dealing with difficult people and building positive team dynamics may need practice.

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