B2B Secret Shopping

“YMS B2B Secret Shopping- Plan Small, Drill Deep.”

Boost the Effectiveness of Secret Shopping By Focusing On a Small Amount of Prioritized Information Points.

Secret shopping is a fixed means of collecting information on how sellers cooperate with their customers, especially, gathering information on challenger products and services and how they are sold to different market sections. The efficiency of Secret Shopping can be improved severely by decreasing the number of information points, prioritizing the information points, and training the shoppers to collect as much information on every information point.

Secret shopping can identify where your personnel is comunications following and areas which could be enhanced. A Secret shopper poses as an associate of the public. They report back on their practice. Our sales consulting services covers the understanding and level of service delivered with this module. We can estimate more than just your personnel.

How neat is the office? Is it simple to access? How long do people have to wait for calling or in queues? We’ll converse everything with you in aspect. We’ll then build situation to test out. To ensure we don’t emphasise one kind of inquiry too much, we’ll use a range of scenarios.

Selection Shoppers

We carefully select secret shoppers whose individuality matches your project’s necessities. We thoroughly brief them for each situation, using role playing to ensure they can “think on their feet”. Examinations are recorded using a cautiously designed, structured and purpose scoring system.

Recording Calls

Yes, telephone calls are generally recorded so we don’t have to rely on reminiscence when assessing the results. To make sure reliability, all telephone inquiries are marked centrally, using call recordings. Secret shoppers use mobile phones. This keeps their true character secret.

Personnel training and development

We record Secret shopping telephone interviews for quality control. We generally attend or run training sessions around the results. We discover positive criticism is more eagerly accepted when it comes from a self-governing organization such as ourselves.

B2B Secret Shopping Statistics

The numbers below are not only incredible, but they should at least get you an idea about your own communities so, let’s have a look at it. Below are some of the trends we have revealed.

Telephone calls

15% of the time, it took 10+ calls to speak to the salesperson.

Sales Questioning

90% of questions asked by the Sales Counselors are closed-ended questions


98% of Sales Counselors talked more than 70% during the entire call.

Call Respond

35% of the time, shoppers did not get answers to their questions on the first call

Invite prospect

Only 38% of the Sales Counselors invited the prospect to visit the community.

Our Training Objectives This training creates a path to success and helps your employees gain the skills to:

  1. Recognize equipped problems that lead to contradictory or poor Customer experiences
  2. Increase metrics that make sure clear responsibility for reliable Customer experience delivery
  3. Target the character of their own Customer experience against competitive offerings
  4. Track the delivery of experiences over time and place to unplanned the warning signals that their experience is no longer related or is in require of innovation.
  1. Recognize areas of Customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with different components of the general Customer experience
  2. Recognize those employees who offer great experiences and those who fall short
  3. Target and assess delivery of Customer experiences across special regions, branches or equipped units
  4. Drives customer satisfaction and sales income guarantee maximum return on your asset.

“I hired Mihir and his team for a local initiative here in Ireland over the winter of 2016/2017. As an offshore team, they were absolutely excellent from start to finish. Mihir managed the project with professionalism and dedication from the beginning to the end. He is very well versed in the sales and business development skills we needed to use, very responsive with responses and guidance (even at the weekend!) and most of all reliable. Thank you for helping us build our vision!”

Martin Roddy, Senior Software Specialist at Pramerica, Ireland

YMS’s Secret Shopping Programs

On-site ‘Secret Visits’

Visits to clients’ by our fully trained members of YMS team, cautiously selected that suit the customer profile of each association. All programs are designed uniquely to meet each client’s requirements, using their own keen report and scorecard to make sure clients find the maximum help from visitor feedback.

Online ‘Secret Shopping’

We YMS at monitoring online facilities including information and access websites as well as e-commerce buying, allowing the full evaluation of the important areas of order execution covering delivery, timings, and presentation of delivered packages and their contents. We make sure to work according to clients exact requirements.

Telephone ‘Secret Callers’

For many companies, mainly B2B, phone inquiries are a key source of new income leads. The secret Caller facility can review whether processes are adhered `in the managing inquiries by personnel and this can include focusing on important areas such as sales conversion, lead handling as well approach and regular devotion.

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