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7 Best Online Selling Strategies That Work


You have great things to sell online, but don’t know how to sell them. Selling anything online is a difficult task for many businesses, yet it is essential for the…

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What Skills are Taught in Leadership Training Programs? – Ask Mihir Shah


Here are the most important leadership soft skills that you need to teach your employees to become more efficient leaders and better team managers. read more

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How to Know Whether Your Leadership Training Program is Working? – Ask Mihir Shah


A strong pool of potential leaders is an asset of any organization. As a manager, developing successful leadership training should be a priority. But what happens if your leadership training…

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7 Leadership Skills that Makes a Leader Impressive


All business owners and executives have different experiences and viewpoints on the approach and necessary Leadership Qualities also not all situations require the same type of leadership skills. Great leaders…

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Being a Good Leader, How do You Handle Disagreements on Your Team? – Ask Mihir Shah


Conflicts often arise when you work together on a team project. The following differences can contrast sharply to your own, creating tension within the group. These differences are not essentially…

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