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“Growing your Sales through tactical development & training and harnessing new media.”

Driving your business through effective Sales Consulting Services.

You invest lots of money, time and effort training your consultants on your business. But do they really know how to successfully connect with a client handle scope sneak successfully manage complaints and problems and up sell new opportunities the development and training every consultant required! YMS Sales Consulting development and training focuses on improving the soft skills of your consulting and professional services staff to balance their product, business, and practical understanding.

To make the training more related to your business, we adopt the training to your business requirements, procedures and business perform. Our methodology is to work with organizations to know their priorities and to evaluate the best approach to delivering sustained development and training.

Apart from these, we at YMS deliver successful with communications methods, written and verbal, good listening skills and delivering main messages, sales force and entrepreneurs will able learn tools and techniques for communicating several types of information via different steps of a communication. You will also able to learn how to run effective meetings and facilitate workshops.

Enhance Sales Force Performance

The training will give the salesperson a greater perceptive of their tasks within their role, and in turn, build their assurance. This confidence will improve their overall performance and this can only advantage the company. It helps your company to take to the next level as a leader and strong rival within the industry.

Addressing weaknesses

Most salespersons will have some weaknesses in their office skills. Our training program lets you reinforce those skills that each person required to enhance. We bring all employees to a higher level so they all have related skills and understanding. These assists decrease any weak links within the company who rely a lot on others to complete tasks.


Our robust development and training program makes sure that salesperson has a reliable experience and background understanding. The reliability is mainly related to the company’s basic policies and processes. All salesperson require to be aware of the prospects and measures within the company Increased productivity in processes results in financial achieve for the company.

Statistics on business Development & Training

Development and Training aren’t incredible that’s pleasant to have in your association. It’s an entirely essential element of a company’s long-term investment and growth approach. Based on the outcome of our Top-Performing Sales Organization study, its clear there is an important prospect for companies to enhance development and training.

Employees desire more training

of almost 4,300 employees a huge 74% felt they weren’t achieving their complete potential at work.

Convert Beliefs into Practice

56% managers of HR managers believe training to be an important business enabler, but they aren’t doing adequate to boost employee training opportunities.

Increase Learning Transfer

only 12% of learners applies skills from the training to their task

Take Learner needs into consideration

38% managers believe that their programs meet their learner’s requirements.

Our Training Objectives This training creates a path to success and helps your employees gain the skills to:

  1. Building understanding and display ongoing concern for the customer
  2. Engaging in positive discussions that end with clear concurrences, responsibilities, and actions to move forward
  3. Learn successful communications detailed to unreliable stakeholder groups
  4. Learn approaches to effectively manage (project) scope
  1. Talking about thoughts and solutions in a customer focused method talking value and consequences, less about actions.
  2. Appling practices in discussion/presentation that build reliability
  3. Learn how to handle problems that arise during activities
  4. Learn how to work within and across sales teams.

“Mihir is an integrated sales person who understands the pulse of the business. He is the innovative thinker and always ready to contribute to growth. He is very hardworking, supportive and extremely positive. He has essential characteristics: smart and analytics, fast and responsive, intelligent risk-taking, focus.”

Nainesh Patel, RadixWeb, India

Enhance your Skills with Our Development and Training Programs

Consulting Expertise

We’ve working experience with both worldwide and regional sales consulting firms to assist them to develop the center and advanced consultative selling skills and cultivate existing accounts. We converse your language and train consultants how to sell by bringing their precious advice.


Our training programs and approaches are based on our own skill in selling professional services, along with standard research with Top Performance in Strategic Account Management, What Sales Winners Do for their Development and The Top-Performing Sales Organization.

Complete Learning System

Training is not our hub. Behavior change is. We have an entire learning system focused on real behavior change and outcome that covers evaluation, program customization, and robust support to make sure that your consultants learn and apply new development skills.

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