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“Our Approach to Sales Consulting Needs Assessments YMS Uncover your greatest opportunities for sales development.”

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The fast audit involves a fully look at your organization’s existing sales plan. We study said strategy, recognize possible gaps, and generate a custom Strategic Sales Plan for you that, when followed, will assist you’re selling reach its goals during sales. The Strategic Sales Plan comes with KPIs and strategic findings that offer metrics for determining success.

Most leaders know there is big unused income development perspective in their sales organization. Though, structuring and organizing for development, discovery and building the accurate people, and allowing them to set free their sales potential is infuriatingly indefinable. With YMS Sales Fast audit, we’ll uncover the greatest opportunities for sales development at your association and offer you with a roadmap to recognize this development.

We’ve recognized detailed aspects, structured around the drivers in the Sales Wheel, that impact a sales team’s vital performance and development. We’ll audit your organization and offer particular suggestions on where you require focusing.

Performance Measurement
In order to effectively use a level as a way to close a performance gap, you will require knowing your existing performance for the sale process and/or capability. This phase assists you to establish your existing performance.
This is the part where you set potential, plan the project, manage the team and contact prospective partners. In planning part, you will want to describe the topics or vital success factors that if tackle will have the most prospective for progress.
Study deployment
This is the phase where you choose especially what feature of the selling capability you wish for to study and how the data will be gathered, structured, and analyzed. In this phase, the team will make the questions for the study.

Top-Performing Sales Organization

If you want to enhance your win rate, gather your annual sales goals, and maximize prices, you require doing what the Top Performers do. In our study, The Top-Performing Sales Organization, we calculated 472 sales manager and sellers representing companies with sales team ranging from 10 sellers to 5,000+

Top Performers

62% is the common scheme win rate of Top Performers. The Rest wins only 40% of the time.

Sales goals

100% of Top-Performing Organizations gather their yearly sales goals, evaluated to only 49% of The Rest.

Maximum rates

58% of Top Performers consider they are able to capture maximum charges in line with the value they offer.

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Our Training Objectives In our Sales audit, we will level your organization against our proprietary database of Top Performers. This training creates a path for success in selling to executives and trains participants how to:

Find out the best incomes for sales performance enhancement at your business.
Recognize existing strengths and areas of enhancement across sellers
Put a Sales Growth Plan of Action put to execute enhancements as fast and successfully as possible.
Training will strip and audit the sales function’s presentation consequences, productivity, movement, pricing, changes, lost sales study are just the starting points.
Discover how you load up against Top-Performing Sales Organizations.
Show specific domain knowledge and business insight by speaking like an executive.
The Sales Audit will also cover a root and branch study on the sales funnel, sales pipeline and sales forecasting.
You also start the drive towards enhancing your stages of business confidence, certainty, constancy, and security.
Will allow sellers with the vital skills that they require changing every buyer experience and unlocking revenue.

Enhance Your Selling with our Training

Sales Performance Audit
Participate in the audit at no cost. The survey will take no more than 15 minutes and you will obtain a managerial review of the outcome. YMS’s Fast Audit helps tracks KPIs of leading information Industry sales organizations.
Custom Report and Advisory
YMS will offer a custom report. In both reports, results will be compared to the norms. Additionally, we will offer an action-oriented call, practical two-hour, pointing out key areas needed focus and key areas requiring protection.
Custom adapted Advisory
Our consultants have the capability to show you in prioritizing and executing the detailed scheme that will lead to assessable sales performance enhancement that we adapt to the unique requirements of your organization.
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