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Mastering the Sales Opportunity

“Mastering the opportunity helps salespeople recognize high-probability and high-profitability opportunities from their range of accounts.”

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This program is designed to develop strategic thinking and build a planned, opportunity management methodology for great, difficult and viable opportunities. Each of our corporate training offerings begins with online followed by web coaching sessions to make sure application and reinforcement of the skills and competencies in a real-world situation.

In Mastering the Sales Opportunity, your vendors will learn a complete, methodical, and repeatable procedure for generating winning sales strategies, plus they’ll be launched to a precise opportunity planning tool. In this module, sales professionals discover the aspects that control whether a consumer will move forward with a purchasing decision. YMS will teach Salespeople how to use the three aspects to examine sales opportunities and offer proof to support their decision to follow a particular opportunity.

This allows them to exactly evaluate the value of an opportunity and grow sales leadership maintains their sales efforts. It also assists them to devote their precious time and resources on the opportunities that symbolize the most value and highest probability of appealing for your organization.

Enhance Win Rates
It helps to learn the science and procedure of “Win Labbing” opportunities to produce the best ideas, approaches, with the action plans.
Plan Each Opportunity
You’ll be pioneered to the Sales Opportunity Planner, a tool established to thrive in creating precise plans for winning every sales opportunity.
Increase strategies that set you apart from the rivalry, exploit value and put you in the best location to win.

Leaders are Prioritizing Mastering the Opportunity

YMS’s sales training programs conducted Sales Research which state, The Top-Performing Sales Organization, that “enhancing sales opportunity method and planning,” “enhancing our capability to communicate value,” and “optimizing the sales procedure” signify 3 of the top 4 sales leadership precedence.

Sales Winning

86% of Best Performers agree their sellers have the skills required to constantly drive and win sales opportunities vs. just 50% of The Rest.

Sales new ideas

3X Sales winners train consumers with new perspective and ideas 3X more usually than second-place finishers.

Customer Centric

52%- of companies do not consider their sales procedure is customer-focused.

Our Training Objectives This training creates a path for success in mastering the opportunity and trains the participants how to:

Know and adjust to the purchasing procedure at any organization with any buyer
Lead the Win Lab procedure and develop approaches to constantly win your most significant sales opportunities
Make action tactics to capture opportunities for a range of priority levels
Make sure to focus on winning based on worth, not cost
Do well with several decision makers and assure their decision standard
Recognize the great opportunities and support the essential assets to win them
Discriminate your organization and assistance
Make the most of the importance you provide the consumer.
Generate importance to move forward, and move forward with you

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With our Blended method of training, drive real behavior change and results

Online Workshops
Bring YMS Mastering the Opportunity on site with live workshops for vendors and sales managers. We have designed this customized programs based on your industry, company, and solutions.
Online Learning
Strengthen skills. Teach a geographical-dispersed sales team. Enhance new hire ramp-up. Our YMS Mastering the Opportunity includes the subject essential for the winning the sales opportunities.
Our learning system makes sure that training is reinforced over time. Whether it is job help and tools to online learning, email reinforcement, and instruction, we have reached around 95% on learning so skills.
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