Resilience Training Programs

“Apply Personality Insights to Cope with Stress and Build Resilience.”

YMS has personal significance, makes you better, your tImpulse issueseams better & boosts organizational resilience to change.

We have a several Resilience Training courses that we adapt, modify or personalized to organizational requirements to provide more resilient people. It is the personal challenge of determined for balance and agreement in the main areas of our cognitive, emotional and physiological functioning with understanding and playing to the strengths of our personality. And able to manage these in the context of our personal and working surroundings.

This course is more appropriate for those who have had an experience to the fundamentals and want to make their presentation and reason even more. It also assists insert many of the principles of resilience into salesperson and the general culture.

We have designed course is for Leaders and Managers who want to keep, enhance and maintain the possible and performance of themselves and their salesperson in times of constancy, but mainly in times of change. We will discover the role of emotions in management, how and why they control essential bits of information that can assist you to make a better decision.

Complete Manual

The program is highly interactive and covers a range of tools and exercises. Participants obtain a comprehensive workbook and access to online resources, which can be revisited should they want to enhance one or more of their resilience skills.

Resilience Resources

Our resilience Resources consist tools and exercises introduced to participants during the resilience training course. If participants wish to enhance one or more of their resilience skills they will discover that the exercises will assist them to do so.

Create Awareness

Employee wellbeing is high on everyone’s program. This program will create your awareness of what resilience looks like in managers, sales teams, and organizations. It will give you the tools you require to create a helpful, creative and resilient office.

Resilience Training Statistics

One of the report’s key conclusions was that in order to boost resilience in the workplace, Leaders must not only apply training but also lead by example. The report demonstrates the power that leaders have to better make sustainable high-performance organizations. The statistics demonstrate that in organizations that don’t perform resilience training:

People worry

55% of people worry excessively


50% are hyper-vigilant


45% experience distress symptoms

Impulse issues

30% have impulse control problems

People do not relax

35% are unable to relax

Work pressure

30% experience excessive work intensity.

Our Training Objectives This training creates a path to success and helps your employees gain the skills to:

  1. Recognize resilience with strategies for building resilience in yourself and others.
  2. Discover why you feel the way that you do in complex scenarios and how your emotions impact upon your performance.
  3. Know the type of conditions that cause stress
  4. What happens to our body and mind when we excess it with stress and how to keep ourselves?
  1. Recognize your experience of emotions to enhance well-being and managerial effectiveness.
  2. Discover about emotional intelligence and how it transmits to your resilience.
  3. Improves your attitude, beliefs and behavior can develop resilience to stress
  4. Use methods to demonstrate how to decrease stress levels and develop resilience.

“Mihir is an extremely talented Business Development Manager, with huge knowledge of Business Development and on how to adapt it effectively on clients. He can find solutions to challenging problems very fast and implement them even faster. He has a great attitude and is a very reliable team player.”

Darshana Bulchandani, Director at Devlon Infotech Pvt Ltd, India

Our Unique and Holistic Approach of Resilience Training Programs

Interactive Sessions

Resilience Training for employees is usually delivered as an interactive seminar session. The objective of the training is to make sure that by successfully drawing on aspects of their personal resilience. Employees will be capable to manage and respond certainly to a variety of situations.

Personal Resilience

Each participant finishes an online resilience opinion poll which will create a Personal Resilience Profile showing how their personality forms their personal resilience – which not only creates the program interactive but also really assists bring the focus to life.

Manager’s edition

The Manager’s edition of this course “Developing Resilience: Training for Managers” also launches candidates to the variety of features of personal resilience and how to enhance them. The key difference between this and the regular Developing Personal Resilience program is the background in which the instructor delivers the program.

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