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Challenging. Rigorous. Online sales training for Sales Management. For persons and teams. You have a choice for enhancing your sales skills. You can begin by taking one of our training. Or join our active sales training platform with weekly self-directed training exercises and an alternative to training. Several public find themselves in the task of sales manager as the result of advertising to identify their best performance as a seller. But the skills that make for an effective seller and an effective sales manager are moderately different. Actually, managing a sales team is one of the more difficult jobs in any company.

In the YMS Sales Management training program, participants study how to express the people on their teams, keep them inspired, and hold them accountable so sellers not only suite but constantly beat sales targets.

The program is a properly certified prerequisite by the Institute of Sales Management and upon attending the course you will become the “Professional Sales Manager”. Maintain by our quality promise system, support verifies that our training program is efficiently designed and delivered to testing standards.

Keep Sellers Inspired
If you want to raise sales, you require all of your sellers carrying their A-game day in and day out. YMS Sales Management will enable you to set free the drive, energy, fervor, and dedication of your sales teams over the enduring.
Hold Sales Teams Accountable
Accountability is a massive problem in numerous sales organizations. With no responsibility, consequences decrease and objectives are missed. YMS’s sales training programs make sure that you implement your plans and generate results.
Beat Sales Targets
Having an effective manager can be the most important aspect of a seller’s success. This course will train your team what it takes to get top performance from their sellers. The consequence: a focused sales team that beats sales targets.

Essential Factor in developing a Culture of Sales Excellence

Required Sales

66% of companies do not consider their managers have the skills required to handle and coach sellers.

Selling force

2X Best performers are possible than The Rest to agree that sales managers and leaders are successful at maximizing selling energy.

Selling Roles

71% of companies do not consider people in selling roles handle their time and day successfully.

Our Sales Management Training Programs objectives creates a path for success in selling to executives and trains participants how to:

Recognize the aspects that impact sales performance and where managers can have the utmost power.
Grip sellers accountable for their events and objectives
Handle the sales channel of their teams with severity and accuracy.
Use the YMS Sales Opportunity Planner to assist sellers to boost sales and get the most out of each opening
Assist vendors to develop significant and viable goal and act plans to maximize performance.
Shine in the 5 roles and 5 rules that make for a huge sales manager.
Coach for top routine, motivation, and implementation.
Be successful communicators and decision makers.

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Leverage the power of Sales Management Training Programs for Sales Managers

Developmental Sales Training

Using the Developmental Sales Coaching structure and skills, sales managers find out to train team members to self-discover and self-assess methods to leverage strengths and constantly cultivate and enhance through effective problem-solving techniques.

Pipeline Management Training

This program guide sales managers to affect a disciplined method for examining the pipeline and recognizing root cause issues. This will lead to effective pipeline review meetings; focus on practice the correct opportunities, boost deals, and proper sales forecasts.

Behavioral Interviewing Training

Train sales managers to apply a flexible but reliable Behavior-based Interviewing Framework that will boost efficiency in recognizing the finest candidates based on capability, individuality, and culture fit and, eventually, enhance the speed of recruitment efforts.
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