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“Train your team with the vital skills they require to succeed and you require competing. YMS Sales Negotiation Skills Training Programs assist increase the skills required to negotiate win-win.”

Mihir Shah – India’s Top Sales Trainer

We are known to bring 8+ years, global footprint, and 250,000 participants of negotiation skill training experience.

Our sales training cover Sales negotiation skills training programs focuses on executing a methodical procedure that increases deals with providers, sellers, and customers and assist keep a continuing relationship long after “the deal is done. Buyers are becoming gradually more expert at negotiating with dealers, and are challenging ever-greater compromises. Only those salespeople who are really expert at negotiating will be able to close deals that continue productivity. This training is considered very necessary for the more skilled sales executive selling products or services where negotiation is an element of the procedure. It is designed to sharpen the expertise and methods required for successful sales negotiations. This is an advanced level program designed for sales negotiators, salespeople and account managers where negotiation with customers and buyers is a component of the sales procedure. Work with us and get immediate Impact. Sustainable Skills. Assessable Results.


Knowledgeable negotiators know that the negotiation begins well before you get to the table. As a result, YMS strongly considers in utilizing a tool, such as our checklist preparation, to arrange for negotiations. In the end, preparation is the only element of negotiation over which you have full control.


The top negotiators ask best questions and listen. To enhance this capability, we at YMS provide a model to assist arrangement questions that get beyond the other side’s location and on to their interests. The better information, the better result which helps in a systematic approach to negotiation.


There are some elementary procedures that skilled negotiators are aware of and make sure before making offers. Those that follow these philosophies increase their return in any negotiation, though still enabling the other side to walk away satisfied. This also helps in a systematic approach to negotiation.

Sales Negotiation Success Analysis

Based on the outcome of our Top-Performing Sales Organization study, it’s clear there is an important prospect for companies to enhance their sales negotiation skills. The main is value focusing the conversation on value over cost, and increasing the pie to generate more value on both sides. Actually, 100% of best Performers those with the maximum win rates, income development, and sales goal accomplishment rates capture maximum prices in line with the value they offer.

Required negotiation

55%of companies do not consider their sellers have the negotiation skills required to constantly win business.

Elite performers

2X best Performers are possible than The Rest to agree they confine most prices in line with the value they offer.

Sales value

91% of Elite Performers agrees their sales association is focused on boosting maximum value for the consumer.

Our Negotiation Skills Training Programs objectives creates a path for success and helps your employees gain the skills to:

  1. YMS will help you to implement successful follow-up to harden the deal and preserve energy
  2. Manage the impulse to jump to dealing by showing how the result assured buyer requirements
  3. Use preparation to key the customer thus put up trust and maximizing the result
  4. Lead the sales negotiation procedure with a useful gap that anchors the worth of the deal
  1. Protect the deal size by adapting demands to requirements to avoid or limit trading
  2. Adapt a pledge to a close by beating deadlocks through trading, if required
  3. Lead masterful sales negotiations that guide to win-win solutions to you and your consumers
  4. Power the mental philosophy at work throughout the decision-making process.

“YMS had helped us to do negotiation in a better way with sales training programs which can help both client and us to have profitable situation and helped us to reduce of closing cycle with more effective deals which are more focused towards features and not on price discounts.

Baba Fakrudin ,CEO , Posmab Technologies, India

Our Holistic and Unique Sales Negotiation Skills Training Programs Approach

Online Workshops

Bring YMS Sales Negotiation training on site with live workshops for vendors and sales managers. We have designed this customized programs based on your industry, company, and solutions.

Online Learning

Strengthen skills. Train a detached sales team. Enhance new hire ramp-up. Our YMS Sales Negotiation training includes the subject essential for the success of the negotiation.


YMS offers clients access to a number of reinforcement choices to make sure that the learning from the first program is executed and continued. We achieve a 94% uptake on learning.

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