Sales Tips and Tricks to Close More Deals and Make Tons of Money in 2020

Closing your sales deals is the final step in the selling process. It is also a very difficult task. When you fail to close the sale deal, it is very disheartening. The sales team works very hard to build up the sales deal. If the sale deal is not closed then it can demotivate the Sales team. 

You have to do justice to your sales team and close the sales deal. To know how you can convert every sale lead to a sales deal, here are a few steps you can follow:

1. Use Social Media:

It is 2020 and we are living in a world where Social Media is the boom. So the best platform to get to your customers is by using Social Media. 

Everybody is on social media which makes it easier to reach out to all age groups and different people. All you have to do is promote your product with some catchy captions and use the correct hashtags.

Use SEO to push your post higher and make it trendy. Use current affairs topics and relate them to your product while posting things on social media.

2. Use Strong Keywords:

Keywords are your bonus points to impress customers. The more you promote your keywords, the more people will know about your product. 

Keywords have to be catchy but yet related to your product or service. Many customers just skim through your articles and blog. You have to make sure that your blogs and articles have the keywords in access for your customers to see them.

Highlight your keywords and add links to them so that the customers who read your blog can directly move to your product or services. 

3. Write Strong Cold Emails:

Cold emailing is another great way to reach out to your customers. Send out cold emails to as many people you can.

Your cold emails must not be very informative. Keep them brief with just about enough information. Get your content writers to prepare the cold emails so that the customers find it professional and likable to read. 

Follow up your cold emails with cold calling. Attach your articles and blogs with your emails. Do as much as PR via email to get the best response from your customers. 

4. Learn From  Sales Experts:

If you think that your Sales team requires help, you need to get a Sales expert in. The Sales expert will teach the Sales team some important sales techniques. 

You can also get the Sales team to watch some Sales inspired movie. Anything that you can do for the sales team to learn from the best is good. 

If the Sales team learns from the Sales experts they will reach the success of the Sales experts. With this, your sales funnel will start getting emptied faster than expected. To learn new sales techniques, you can contact Top Sales Training Companies in India.

5. Have Personal Engaging With Customers:

Adding a personal touch to your sales dealing makes a customer feel more respected. Just calling and emailing is not what customers look for, they expect a face-to-to meeting as well.

Your personal engaging meeting has to be very polite but yet professional. Do not force the customer into anything but press on talking about your product.

The personal meeting should be your big step to closing the Sale deal. Try to convince your customer as much as possible to buy the product. 

Your customer should walk out with the confidence to buy your product. Make your first personal meeting so good that there is no second time. 

6. Respond to Customer Emails:

Like the customers reply to your cold emails, the same way they expect you to reply to their emails. Be kind enough and reply to the customer’s emails on urgency. 

The customer emails will mostly have questions about the product. For which you as the salesman has to prepare to answer all the questions. 

Don’t give answers to questions that you are not sure about. If you cannot answer any question, call your senior sales executives to help you out. 

Always remember your previous emails and keep the emails in a loop format. 

7. Discounts:

Giving discounts to your customers creates a win-win scenario for both. As a salesman, you have to give your customers some extra benefits.

Your discounts do not only mean a discount on the product you are selling. You can have different discounts like 50% off on the first three services post buying the product or 10% off on any other product if the customer wishes to buy. 

You have to see your organization’s profit as well. So have discount offers which will benefit your Organization. Don’t get carried away by your customers and give big discounts. 

Play it smart with discounts. You have to make two teams happy. One, your customers, and the other your organization. 

Using the discount offer of giving 10% off on any other product is a good idea. The reason being that you are getting a sale for two products and that too instantly. 

8. Work for Longer Hours: 

Working for long hours is not something one enjoys, but if you want to make some extra cash you have to work some extra hours. 

Try to work on weekends as much as possible. Working on weekends is beneficial because many people are at home at weekends and are free. They read and are active on social media much more than normal days.

So if your content about your product is out there on a weekend there is 9 out of 10 chance it will be read by many people. 

Keep your days for contacting as many people as you can. Keep your nights for planning on how to make your promotion and sales skills different.

9. Speak Less and Listen more:

It is always good to be a good listener and a minimal talker. Give the customer all the time he wants to put his words forward. 

When you are closing the deal you cannot make any mistakes. So if you speak to the point there is no chance of making mistakes.

When it is your turn to talk, firstly give answers to the customer’s questions. Secondly, come straight to the point and close the deal.

Don’t indulge in loose talk and ask stupid questions. It can spoil the Selling procedure. So be crisp and to the point when it comes to talking. 

The year is 2020 and everyone wants to start the new decade with loads of money. All the money will only come if you close many Sales deals. And sales deals will only close if you follow the above tips. So try the steps out and let me know in the comment section if they were helpful to you in making your money.

Mihir Shah is CEO and Founder of Yatharth Marketing Solution, the group specialized in offering personalized sales training programs to corporates worldwide. He is able to draw several years of experience imparting to management, sales, and corporate training serving wide industries. Mihir has assisted companies to grow incomes and enhance customer satisfaction score as well as assisting managers, leaders, and directors enhance the performance of their team with training.