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“Plan your Success. Vision and Goal System Settings that Works.”

YMS corporate training include module of Self-Motivation Training- Taking Charge of Achievements and Goals!

Self-motivation is a control that drives us to keep stirring ahead. It promotes continuous learning and success, whatever is the situation. YMS’s personal development training is here to help and guide you as you endeavor to boost yourself, your personnel and the efficiency of your organization. But, without the individual drive to do well, it will be complex to maintain to implement these changes with will influence alone.

What makes someone ready for change? How does one person inspire themselves to train even as another finds it nearly not possible? How can we self-order ourselves in order to make sure that our aims are not only set but met? At YMS, we identify self-motivation methods as a basic requirement for change.

Our highly motivated and inspirational trainers offers corporate training programs to do work together with persons and teams to make sure that self-motivation follows you during your day-to-day actions, giving you that extra push to go the added mile and accomplish your goals. Self-doubt is tough. But, with our self-motivation techniques as your tool, nothing can keep you from beating your targets.

Addressing Issues

We at YMS help you to master a variety of practical inner inspiration with our motivational techniques for problem-solving and the achievement of any goal and objectives.

Boost Productivity

With our training modules, we help you to improve your performance and productivity to accomplish successful results in your work, career, business, projects or even hobbies.

Relationships building

Our YMS motivational training module helps to enhance the quality of all your relationships. We will assist to improve personal, social, business and professional relationships.

Self Motivation Statistics

For some better understanding and background info, below are a few interesting statistics regarding employee motivation and incentives in the workplace

Companies Productivity

Employee productivity with companies that provide self motivational programs is 14% higher than those that do not offer any

Employee turnover

Organizations that have self-motivational programs experience a 31% reducation in employee turnover.

Customer Satisfaction

41% of companies that motivates colleagues to help one another experienced an important boost in customer satisfaction.

An investment

46% of upper management in large-scale companies considers that self-motivational programs are a savings and not expenditure.

Our Training Objectives This training creates a path to success and helps your employees gain the skills to:

  1. Creating an individual mission statement or key function for your life.
  2. Obtaining clearness on your personal life fervors.
  3. Generating a plan of action for each objective.
  4. Employees will train to challenge usual behaviors and idea patterns restoring them with more positive ones.
  1. Formative your personal guiding values.
  2. Developing a goal setting system and practice.
  3. Developing a user friendly system for normal planning and review.
  4. Employees can manage their own state of mind and make the basic approach and motivational shift required for lasting changes that lead to accomplishment and success.

“Mihir has a terrific knack of client management. He is a good account manager to have in any business development team. He has the ability to deal with high-end clients as well as patience to work with small clients. He understands business logic and can offer technical solutions to modern-day challenges. He is an asset for any team and company.”

Rujuta Pradhan, India

Our Self-Motivation Training Programs Approch

Your people learn the specific “how to”.

This isn’t a “short-term expands” program Yatharth Marketing Solution provide the how-to tools for permanent use. Whereas each person must make a personal choice to utilize the tools, they can never say they don’t know them or have them. They’ll have everything they require.

Your people are more suitable to attach with it.

Programs that train theory only but leave candidates to “do all the work later”, have no permanent value, as it rarely gets done. YMS gets people included in doing and using these how-to actions during the training – as well as laying out a plan for long-term action.

You’ll have more energized personnel.

The simplicity of purpose can have a striking result on people – and that’s what objective setting does. The huge majority of people don’t have clearly-articulated, printed, personal objectives in the first place. So how could they match company goals? Find answers of this with help of YMS.

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