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During the practical module and interactive sessions, our excellent trainers assists you to learn a range of technique of cracking a winning sales deal in our selling skills training programs.

We at Yatharth Marketing curate experiences in team building and capability building training for your sales teams. The training is handcrafted to make sure while the group absorbs new skills, the candidates are highly engaged and motivated during the selling skill training program session.

Creating sales is like fighting a battle but this battle is fought using persuasive words. Many salespeople commit fault while making this pitch conversation. They fail to describe the product as a solution to the audience’s difficulty or sometimes they fail to choose the niche target customer who would actually purchase the product. At YMS, we cover everything that will reinforce your salesman skills. We make sure you that from “Hello” to “Let’s crack the deal”; here you’ll be taught every minute method of making a sale happen. We also educate you how sales are done and how to create an appropriate sales approach.

Grow your average deal size
What’s the easiest way to grow deal size? Our approach to growing deal size helps: increased sales training, establishing successful sales methodologies and ongoing coaching. Well, this approach works, it doesn’t time and an extensive investment. Our approach is simpler and doesn’t require any of that.
Accelerate your customer’s buying process
YMS delivers sales training programs that improve salespeople selling skills by leveraging custom simulations, enhancing sales force efficiency and results. We focus on the four main areas that our research has shown resulting in success: supporting your sales process with the customer’s buying cycle.
Close more business at higher margins
Your sales team’s skills for cooperation establish whether your company leaves income on the table. We at YMS train salespeople/ teams to sell more business, at higher margins with our simple and effective methodology. We provide training based on solid training with experience in the marketplace.

Selling Skills Current Issues

In present corporate world, some people may relish an extroverted “sales personality” that makes them a natural fit for the sales team, selling effectively is still a skill that must be developed and taught to them in most easy at the same time effective way. Sales training can help aspiring salespeople develop and practice the skills they need to succeed and increase their confidence level by repeating them. Proper sales training is important for a number of reasons:

Sales Process
82% fails to differentiate themselves from competitors
Sales calling
99% persons fail to do proper planning for sale calls.
Sales Questioning
86% sales persons lack questioning skills.
Sales Presentation skills
95% sales persons have improper presentation skills.
Asking for Commitment
62% sales persons fail to ask for commitment.

YMS’s Sales Training Programs Objectives creates a path for success in selling to executives and trains participants how to:

Discover the executive’s main business challenges.
Organize and deliver a world-class sales presentation that is valuable to executive customers.
Generate a sound value proposal.
Get executive sponsorship for the discovery procedure and a commitment to act on the results.
Discover business drivers and business objectives that you can impact.
Show specific domain knowledge and business insight by speaking like an executive.
Earn trust and make long-term manager relationships
Place your offerings as solutions that distribute detailed, measurable business results.

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Enhance Your Selling with Our Selling Skills Training Program

Consultative Selling Training

This training uses a customer-focused strategy to plan and implement sales calls that develop trust and advance the sale. Apply a potent road map and abilities for successful requirements-based dialogues that build reliability, allow better problem solving, promote customer openness.

Consultative Negotiation Training

With help of Yatharth Marketing Solution, apply a tactical approach to planning and implementing successful negotiations that support customer stakeholders distinguish your offering and organization, protect price and terms, and foster productive working relationships.

Sales Prospecting Training

With help of Yatharth Marketing Solution, apply a disciplined strategy to viewings. Learn strategies and skills to access and directly engage prospects in a way that creates credibility, creates interest, and opens doors to make you successful in your professional life.
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