Strategic Planning and Execution Training

“Are you ready to enhance your Strategy Execution? Converting objectives into action with strategy execution training.”

Most companies consider that – after cautious strategic evaluation, analysis, and planning – they have a winning approach. Though, our latest study demonstrates that 70 % companies fail to get what they want out of their strategic plan and that the difficulties generally start with execution.

The effect of this is both managerial failure and person stress and irritation – particularly for the executives charged with execution. Logically, these executives have clear schemes and know what they require to do – and yet they cannot get it done. They may even have read the current research, showing that unknown emotional or sociological factors are as significant for success as the rational or measurable aspects. YMS’s Strategy Execution Program offers the insights and tools to the connection that complicated breach between the balanced development of strategy and real-life execution. It assists to recognize unknown traps, stability the rational with the emotional and construct the internal ability to continue executing strategy successfully.

The entrepreneur training programs offers a handy support network in the form of associate participants facing related challenges. Turn up with a strategy report and leave with an action plan that desires outcomes.

Gain clarity on your strategic challenge

Come with a discriminating responsiveness to your strategic aspirations and challenges and leave with a more practical, actionable plan of execution. We will provide you transparency on your strategic challenge.

Identify hidden barriers


At YMS you will achieve new insights about the unknown barriers to strategic execution and how to beat them. We will help you to recognize such hidden barriers.

Make an actionable plan for execution.

At YMS you will obtain a deep understanding of how to get consequences for future strategic initiatives. We will help you build an actionable plan of execution

Strategic Execution Statistics

Most businesses suffer a key cut off between strategy formulation and its execution. And whereas it’s more evident in larger enterprises because of difficulty, smaller organizations require ensuring they do something to get rid of the barriers to execution. Consider the below:

Proper strategies

90% of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution.

Strategic priorities

60% of typical organizations do not link their strategic priorities to their budget.

Access Strategic

Only 27% of a typical company’s employees have access to its strategic plan.

Most devastating

95% of employees do not understand their organization’s strategy.

Our Training Objectives This training creates a path for success in strategic execution and trains participants how to:

  1. To build a procedure of action to accomplish strategic business goals.
  2. To support the inner technical systems (work course), social systems, and financial system to accomplish business strategy.
  3. You will reproduce a strategy execution review meeting where you will perform all the skills learned in the course.
  4. To accomplish responsive revision and arrangement of the organization’s systems, organization, skills, style, and symbols.
  1. Creates a foundation of leadership behaviors that are necessary for execution.
  2. Recognize roadblocks to execution and actions you can take to beat these barriers.
  3. Managers will have a successful implementation plan to handle these roadblocks, and the essential skills to lead people in execution.
  4. To employ the utmost number of leaders and partner in the course of building the prospect culture and abilities that will guide to sustainable performance.

“Mihir is extremely driven and focused on providing his customers with what they need in a very quick and timely manner. Every time I have worked with Mihir (as his customer) he has went above and beyond to exceed my expectations, offer solutions to my inquiries, and just, in general, is very knowledgeable and helpful in everything that he does.”

Hayley Justine Thompson, Manager at TD, USA

Strategic Planning and Execution Training Programs

Foundations for Strategy Execution

This short program launches the theoretical foundations for managing managerial tensions, developing a successful strategy, with information for performance measurement and control, and arranging for performance.

Performance Measurement and Control tools

This program trains the analytic techniques and quantitative tools to run a business successfully. Salesforce will learn how to build a profit plan, design asset allocation systems and evaluate strategic profit performance

Launching Performance Measurement and Controls in rising Firms

Often managers, developing firms worries introducing formal performance measurement & control tools will strangulate their firms’ industrial spirit. YMS will implement systems to well manage growth.

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