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YATHARTH Customized Soft Time Management for Corporate.

Time Management is an important skill to possess if you desire to entire all your responsibilities on time and also find time for self. The greatest advantage that a professional gets by running his time is that he is always on time with all his work which gets him good recognition in the organization and pushes his career.

At YATHARTH, as a part of our time management training program, we assist and train participants how to reduce time loss and adapt techniques which can assist them to accomplish that. We train them how to prioritize the work in hand and agenda them. Our time management program training focuses on executing procedures that will enhance a company to work professionally.

Whereas the advantages of time management training can be noticed at a managerial level, person employees will also be able to feel a difference between them. With time management training an employee will be able to handle his time better and accomplish more value and effectiveness from it. Time Management Skills will assist and explain you how to become very effective.

Practical and Experiential Training

All training sessions will be highly practical and experiential, group discussions, role plays, games, video & audio clips, brain-storming, and presentation of ideas. There will be plenty of languages, listening and writing practice using situations precise to the participants’ roles, industry and client places.

Activity Based Training

Each session will cover activity-based meetings with participant guides that will have a blend of in-class work and self-study textile, to allow participants to continue learning during and following the session. Participants will discover exclusive learning tools that will offer them with an effective result.

Manage your Resources

During this training session, we will demonstrate you how to calculate your activities, control conflicts in your schedule, accomplish a better result through successful planning, manage your resources more successfully, make an action plan to apply in the office, explain your values, goals, and targets.

Time Management Statistics

We’ve gathered some interesting statistics on the time management. Time management statistics are truly fascinating. Take a few minutes to review the stats below and find the one’s that reverberate with you.


60% of the working day is spent on productive activity

Email Checking

14% of emails are important to work activity, however emails chew up 50% of the standard office workers’ time

Finding missing documents

57% of office employees spend an hour a day looking for missing documents

Our Training Objectives
This training creates a path to success and helps candidates to gain the skills to:

  1. Recognize tasks that do not add to your efficiency./li>
  2. Take manage of their time and make developments to their work customs.
  3. Recognize time bandits, review priorities, and feel time related stress.
  4. Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in how they handle their time.
  1. Better manage themselves and their workstation for better effectiveness.
  2. Set goals and discover proper planning steps and techniques.
  3. Discover and perform the proper steps of delegation
  4. Record tasks that requires being skilled for the day.

“I have worked with Mihir on multiple development projects. He understood my needs and requirements and worked closely with me to insure the project was completed on time and as directed. I would highly recommend Mihir.”

Sharon (Troth) Gaffney, USA

Time Management Modules

Open Course

We at YATHARTH delivered Time Management Training Course is as an open course in India. The course is fun and interactive with plenty of opportunities to try the tools required to manage time. In this time management course, we plan to increase awareness of where your time goes and to offer the skills essential to managing time more successfully.


Great News! We can provide our Time Management Training Course on site. The course will be offered by one of our professional handpicked trainers who will offer the abilities and facts and allow ample of time to perform the skills. They will also make sure that everyone leaves with an action plan that details what they will do next.

Bespoke Training

Require something a bit more specific? Let us work with you to design a Bespoke Time Management Training Course for you. This course offers a perceptive of the connection between behavior and poor time management, and also offers the skills essential to success and be more confident towards those who constantly order our time.

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