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“Selling Through More Effective Time Management YATHARTH Time Management – Much more than easy task management and prioritization.”

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Time Management is a one of the module of corporate training. Time Management Strategies for Salesperson is much more than easy task management and prioritization. Today Salespersons are liable for so much more than selling. This program delivers you the techniques and tools essential to achieve extra hours of selling time per week and significantly enhance your overall sales results. Salespeople can also be very busy clearance up messes that have eventually been produced by their own reduced planning and foresight. These activities cost time, resource and overall they decrease the opportunity to spend time on making sales.

All of them are avoidable. During entrepreneur training, poor time management practices are inspected especially in the circumstance of sales. Candidates learn the root causes of these performances and then particularly how to beat them.

With our Corporate Training Programs, your candidates are then offered with a sequence of established methods that enable them to recognize where they are wasting time and also how they can prioritize their time in a method that enables them to work in a more creative way. Eventually, this means more value and more sales for the company.

Task Listing
Generate a to-do-list. Whereas generating one you will be capable to approximate the time you will require completing each task. We will help you to create task listing.
Task Prioritizing
Analysis your list and place them in the order of priority. This is where Time Management tools like ‘The Pareto Principle and Urgent-Important’ matrix comes.
Task Scheduling
Using the prioritized list you will organize the task in tenures of the definite time when the task will be finished. We will help you with task scheduling.

Time Management Statistics

Based on the outcome of our Top-Performing Sales Organization study, it’s clear there is an important prospect for companies to enhance their time management. 100% of your time is not spent in sales presentations. The fact is that there are lots of activities that go into making a sale. You have to view to keep your sales focus fully. In difficult sales, you require to get to know the players and create a relationship.

41% of time is the spent by Phone or face-to-face
Lead Generation
24% of time is spent on generating leads and researching accounts
19% of time is spent on meetings or administrative tasks
only 16% of time is spend on other tasks like service calls, training, etc

Our Training Objectives This training creates a path to success and helps your employees gain the skills to:

Describe your highest priorities and develop your workweek around those priorities
Enhanced manage and section your territory and account base to maximize the possible within main accounts
Utilize simple but great time management methods for planning a more successful workweek.
Convert your results goals and activity goals and control reverse planning to enhance your effectiveness
Make your week around the most essential parts of your job and reduce non-selling time
Turn opening conversations into meetings and transfer meetings into sales meetings with more successful pre-call planning and preparation
Boost your sales ability by leveraging particular systems, tools, and procedures to maximize your return-on-time-invested.
Take benefit of time management secrets from top sales performers global!

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Our Unique Time Management Training

Information Overload Course
This program is a salesperson who gets hidden in voicemails, daily e-mails, junk mail, articles, and reports. Strategies cover preparing a daily plan of action, decreasing or removing desk clutter and offering important projects and tasks preference.
Analyzing Your Time Course
Candidates in this course discover to recognize where their time goes and how to handle it more professionally through the use of a daily logbook. They also discover to match tasks with the time of day to take benefit of natural energy cycles.
Planning and Prioritizing Course
Complete analysis of a known workload by breach it into convenient tasks and prioritizing those tasks into an efficient to-do list is the innermost theme of this program. Emphasis is located on the most successful and loyalty to set deadlines to capably complete tasks.
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