Motivational Sales Training Program

“Motivational Sales Training Program – getting Your Sales Teams to Unlock their own true potential.”

YMS Motivational Training- The more specific the greater the motivation.

Our Motivational sales training motivates salespeople to keep inspire themselves at least that’s what motivation sales training seminars and courses should do. Though, most motivational training programs train only theory. We at YMS, on the other hand, train practicality in our motivational training programs. If you and your sales team require helpful cold calling scripts and approaches, as well as foolproof sales closing methods, we would love to assist you and your team today.

Our sales training programs are a very different method to conventional kinds of procedure and methodology sales training in that it solves the rational side of sales. Our sales training programs deliver techniques, tools and rational make improving focus, flexibility, motivation/self-confidence, and understanding.

The object is to have adequate money business development directors the prospect to empower their sales teams in a special and challenging way, leaving an inheritance of independence, clear thinking, and improved sales performance. Salespeople can build up and boost their management skills through motivation sales training.

Recognize your successes

We at YMS train in sales motivation all bring in a physical representation and evaluation of their goal. This was the best representation of a course to a goal that evaluated accomplishments along the way. This sales motivation method not only motivates, it creates great team spirit and makes everyone take liability for their input to the team’s results.

Reward yourself

A small gift with a link to your goal will send your hidden a message. We identify reward as a signal that we are doing things correctly. We help you to send yourself the signal. We use this as a self-motivation tip and as a way to go your sales team to success. Reward the little positives and send the accurate message to help you achieve your business objectives. .

Future pacing

A really superior motivational training skill is to go into the prospect and image what it will be like when you’ve accomplished your goal. It’s known as future pacing, and it is a best self-motivation tip, and a method to check that you really want this objective. Future pacing comes from the regulation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We provide you the Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Sales Force Top Motivational Techniques they would prefer:

Based on the outcome of our Top-Performing Sales Organization study, it is clear that sales persons indicated incentives would motivate performances:

Boosting Morale

32% of people are considering using boosting morale technique.


27% of salespersons prefer using praise/recognition technique.

Monetary Rewards

18 % of salespeople are being given motivation in form of rewards.

Our Training Objectives This training creates a path to success and helps your employees gain the skills to:

  1. Our training generate Quantum Leap Thinking in participants
  2. Our program Inculcate an ‘I CAN’ approach through tough and difficult times
  3. Training helps to motivate others in the team and focus on organizational goals.
  1. Training will help managers and supervisors to create a more dynamic and energized team.
  2. We help you to learn to focus on ‘Possibilities’ in changing times
  3. We generate a burning want to shine backed up with strong Beliefs

“Mihir is a really great guy with good knowledge; his given solutions and ideas to me are really effective and incredible. It’s really wonderful to work with Mihir’s consultancy.I would like to recommend him as the best Consultant for IT Services.”

Arvind Upadhyay, CEO, JakBiz Solutions, India.

Some Powerful Techniques of YMS Motivational Sales Training Program

Kinesiology Belief Injection Technique

Kinesiology is the only technique that assists a person access their ‘Subconscious Mind’ being in a conscious state. The understanding of these tools not only assists you to recognize your attitude but assists us to introduce the preferred ones!!! Kinesiology is an exclusive and great tool facilitated by YMS which makes our Motivational Training Programs ‘evolutional’ in Nature.

Influential Skills and Rapport Building

This subject is a ‘Survivor Skill’. The chance of success in selling your thoughts or making an impact on others is directly relative to the mastery of this art. These skills boost the success of sales training programs bringing on an in-depth perceptive – theoretical and practical about the rule of rapport building, influential skills, and secret rapport building.

Gamify and Incentivize

Although we just started implementing it, our idea is to develop an opinion system that rewards salespersons for motivating with our wiki and for learning how to use our application through our training videos. Further, we reward performance based on meeting positive goals. A verified motivator for salespersons is similar to earning a “badge” or points for certain tasks to make it successful.

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