10 Best Sales Tips For New Salespeople

Every newcomer, from any field, needs a guide to tell him/her what to do. For a fresher salesman though it gets a little tougher. 

A new salesman is always under pressure to prove himself. With this pressure itself, he fails to impress others.

So it’s not only the fresher who has to try hard, but it’s also the work of the seniors to make a fresher feel comfortable.

However, not all sales representatives are perfect when they come into the selling world. You need a helping hand to get you to perfection. That helping hand can be a senior sales employee or just reading on how to be a good salesman. Here are 11 selling tips that will surely help a new salesperson in being successful:

1. Do a Study of Your Organization:

The first thing you do when you join an organization is, get to know the organization. As a salesman, understanding the organization is important as you will be the face of the organization. 

You need to know what the organization is expecting as its sales goal. Your first goal as a salesman is to meet the organization’s sales goal. 

A study of the organization is important because it tells you what the aim of the organization is. A salesman is an important asset to an organization as he is the one who gets them the profits. If you don’t do well as a salesperson it is a big loss for the organization. 

Every organization has its own selling ethics, which you have to get yourself accustomed to as a salesperson. The same way an organization will have its own selling techniques as well. You as the salesperson have to get all this into your work system.  

2. Gain Knowledge Of The Product:

Once you know the organization, you need to start with the product to be sold. Get to know what the product is. It’s only when you know what the product is about, you can inform the buyer. 

For e.g., If your first selling task is to sell a batch of cellphones to a retailer. You need to study the specifications of the cell phones. Only then you will be able to tell the retailer why he should have this cellphone on his shop racks. You have to make him believe that the cell phone you are giving him is the best in class. 

Now there is a problem with being illiterate about your selling product. The problem is that if you are asked questions about the product then you will be lost. It happens many times when salesmen don’t do studies and come onto the selling field. To be honest, it feels embarrassing even as a salesman when you don’t have answers to questions.  

3. Do Buyer Research:

You need to know what your buyer wants or what he is looking for. Selling something to your customer that he does not need or cannot afford is a waste of time. 

Knowing the buyer’s buying capacity is important. You need to know the extent your buyer can go to. If your research on the buyer is good then you can always make some extra profit.

For e.g.,( in regards to a salesman in a small shop) If a man walks in your shop with his child. He comes to buy a loaf of bread but you notice his child is looking around the shop for something to buy. You need to grab the opportunity and walk up to the man and suggest to him to try your new mayonnaise. If you want to seal the deal, say it looking at the child and it’s for sure that the father will buy the mayonnaise with bread. 

As a corporate salesman things are much bigger. You need to know your clients as much as possible. You can take information from your senior sales employees to know the client. Losing a client in the corporate sector is a big loss for your organization. As a fresher salesperson, you surely don’t want to disappoint your sales team. 

4. Build an Image On The Call:

Building an image of yourself, the organization, the product, etc, is your job as a salesman. A sales lead gets a call and it’s your skills that will convert the sales lead into a sales deal. 

Your self-image itself that you create has to be so good that the buyer is ready to listen to you forever. Which means you need to have good communication skills as well.

A salesman’s main job is to try to sell a product to a buyer. Your sales call should be so perfect that the buyer understands the product and is interested in buying the product as soon as possible. 

5. Be a Confident Salesman:

Being confident while selling leaves a buyer confident in buying the product. Forget all the pressure when you are selling a product. Confident salesmen are what buyers always look for.

You can be a confident salesman by working on your personality development skills. A confident salesman is always successful in winning the buyer’s heart. 

Feel like a superhero when you are selling a product. With this, the buyer feels secure in buying a product from you and will surely return for more business.  

6. Be a Good Listener:

It’s not all about you all the time. You have to listen to your clients as well. Being a good listener is important for a salesman because only then you get to know what your client wants.

You have to listen and understand what your customer is looking for. If you only keep talking and try to make your customer buy what you want to sell then that is bad. 

For e.g., if you get a call from a potential client for sales. The first thing you have to do is listen to him and note down points about the product he wants. Once he is done you give him the best options and you can finally make your path to close your sale deal.

7. Ask Smart Questions:

Every buyer thinks he is smart and expects the salesman also to be smart. To show you are intelligent you can ask some smart and tricky questions. This leaves a mark on the buyer. 

Your questions should be related to the product you are selling. Don’t ask irrelevant questions, it just breaks the flow of the selling procedure.

For e.g., a salesman was once asked to sell a pen and he sold the pen to a group of people just with a single question. The question he asked was, ”If your building catches fire, what is the first thing you need to sign your insurance papers?”  The same way you need to ask smart questions like these, where you make your buyer think, why he needs to buy your product.

8. Learn Closing Techniques:

You need to learn how to close a deal. There is a certain time in the selling procedure when you have to close a sales deal. This art of closing deals is best understood by reading the book ‘Secrets of Closing the Deal’ by Zig Ziglar.

You must realize when your buyer is fully engaged with your product. It is at that time you have to cash in and close your sale deal. 

Don’t stretch your selling procedure for too long, you might lose out on the buyer. Don’t keep your selling procedure too short either, it will leave your buyer confused. There are best sales training programs from where you can learn closing techniques in detail.

9. Have a Post-Sale Relationship:

It does not mean that once you have sold your product to the buyer, you are done. No, it does not work that way. Once you sell your product, it is only the start of a relationship between a seller and buyer. 

Having a post-sale relationship keeps loyalty between the buyer and your organization. Also as a seller, it is your duty to solve future issues of your product’s buyer.

Customers or buyers look forward to sticking to the same salesperson in the future once they are happy with previous experience.

10. Learn From Your Mistakes:

It’s okay to make mistakes. The problem arrives when you don’t learn from your mistakes and improvise. If you don’t get sales for your product, there can be two reasons. A- the customer did not get impressed. B- you were missing out on something.

In cases like these, once your selling procedure is done, note down what went wrong. Once you know the places you went wrong, you can sit and evaluate what changes can be made. 

Correcting mistakes is not done once in your selling career. You as a salesman have to make adjustments every time you go to sell a product or service. The sales is an ever-changing process. No salesman can say they use the same techniques to sell a product all the time. If you follow the same sales techniques your buyers will lose interest.


At the end of it all, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Something that will not interest you, will definitely not interest the buyers. So as a sales fresher you need to overlook the above tips. These tips will take you on an uphill of success and you don’t have to look back. Although don’t forget to make minor changes to get better results.

Mihir Shah is CEO and Founder of Yatharth Marketing Solution, the group specialized in offering personalized sales training programs to corporates worldwide. He is able to draw several years of experience imparting to management, sales, and corporate training serving wide industries. Mihir has assisted companies to grow incomes and enhance customer satisfaction score as well as assisting managers, leaders, and directors enhance the performance of their team with training.