We all know nowadays kids are very naughty, very clever but at times misbehaves with others. After seeing this type of behavior in kids, Parents are frustrated and start trying to force them discipline by punishing them. But punishing your kids is not good. You can change your kid’s behavior without punishments. Here I am gone tell you some pitfall of punishment and its alternatives so it will help you to build a good bonding with your kids.

Pitfall of Punishment

  • If you punishing your kids regularly, it can direct your kids in wrong way.
  • If you give punishments daily, kids will neglect your punishments and do negative activities
  • Punishments create distance between you and your kids
  • Punishments will damage your relationship and connection with your kids
  • By punishments, they will learn to lie for avoiding future punishments


  • Find ways to be helpful:

Keep them busy in some social work. Tell them you need to help your society, older person, poor people, classmates, and friends. If they get a respect from them then they will give you respect.

  • Express strong disapproval:

Some kids are doing right activities but the result of that activity may be negative. This time you need to give them strong disapproval and tell them not to do it again. If you are giving disapproval then they will think about it when they are doing something wrong.

  • Tell your expectation:

All kids expect something from parents and parents also expected by kids. You need to tell them I am expecting something from your side like a good behavior, understanding, create personal bonding, best relationship etc. by this time, your kids should understand what they can do for your expectation.

  • Share experience:

Share your experience with your kids. Like, In the past, you did all negative activities then we are facing all issues in a present so don’t do same mistakes that we did before.

  • How to make an amendment:

If your kids are doing negative activities again and again then you need to find a way of amendment. For repeated mistakes, you need to find out some way to overcome mistakes.


Punishment is a not a way to teach good behavior. Without punishment, you can change your kid’s behavior. Use alternative punishment to change your kid’s behavior. With an alternative punishment, your kids can learn new things and also they can realize their mistakes which they did before. If you need more details then you can go with our parenting tip 3 https://youtu.be/4INdh_RwbZA which is related to punishment and alternatives.