Sales Training Tips_ Practice & Repeat this step For Sales Success

Let’s just begin with; ‘Why do we have sales training programs’?

The answer is very obvious. Sales training happens when sales have been stagnant or on a dip. Now, this is fine, but you can always make changes.

Many times a sales team can get slack due to the repetitive style of work. This can be bad for an organization. Therefore having sales training programs can be of great relief for such situations.

Sales training programs need to be done as frequently as possible. Frequent sales training will help you keep your sales team always focused. There are thousands of sales training programs to invest in.

Although,  it is always safe to select the ones that suit all and any type of organization.

To make things easier for your organization, here are a few tips. These tips will be helpful to any type of organization.


1. Use Modern and Interesting Methods For Training:

By modern what I mean to say, is the usage of e-training. E-training keeps the sales team employees attentive about what is happening in the training.

As you can see in the image above. The man is giving the sales report via a digital presentation, where all the data is on one screen. With this, the sales employees will be interested and won’t get bored.

There is no issue with using non-digital means for your training. It’s just that digitally things are more interesting.


2. Brief but Impactful training

Sales Training doesn’t always need to be lengthy. Lengthy sale training causes boredom. As a result, you won’t have the attention of your sales team.

On the contrary, having a brief sale training will keep your sales team focused and mentally present.

Your Sales training obviously should be impactful. Non-impactful training is a waste of time, energy, and money.

An impactful sales training program motivates a sales representative to work harder. Whenever a salesman is impacted positively, you can bet he will give you the best results possible.

Another advantage of an impactful sales training program is innovation. Many times employees get brain freeze. With the help of training, your salesman gets innovative and displays his talents.


3. Make your Goals clear:

If your goals are clear in your training, then the sales representatives too will be clear. The main goal of having sales training is to help the sales team.

You can break down your goals into steps; pre-training goals and on training goals.

Your pre-training goals should be about your script for the training. Create a script that includes the organizational goals as well as the training’s goals.

Your on-training should include a more fun-loving but yet important goal. The goal of your training should be affirmative yet enjoyable. A non-friendly style of training will cause a lack of attention to the sales team.

Therefore, keep your goal more on the light-hearted side, so that the sales team remains interested in the training.


4. Understand The Sales Team

Every team is different in terms of the work they do, their sales skill sets, etc. Whenever you hold sales training its necessary to know the salesmen.

An understanding of the salesmen is necessary, as only then you will know how they will react to the training.

Understanding the salesmen will also help you in setting the mood and tone of your sales training.  Your sales training has to be on point and for that, you need to know your salesmen.

E.g., if you have in front of you a sales team of freshers. You have to use easier keywords and terms. If you use difficult terms and keywords, your training will be a waste.

The same way if you have a well-experienced sales team then you need to be more professional and direct. Experienced salesmen know the basics so please don’t waste your time in giving them the basics.


5. Talk about Previous Achievements

Salesmen work hard throughout the year. They have a rough patch for which there are sales training. But, as a sales trainer always remember to appreciate previous achievements.

We all like to be appreciated for something we have achieved. The same way to motivate your sales team, appreciating even their minimal success is good.

Sales training must not only be about what to do in the future for better sales. You should also advise the sales team to continue doing the few things, that give them success.

Pat the sales team on the back for everything they have achieved. Make sure to tell them that the training is for improvision.


6. Feedback

Feedback is important in any and every organization. Giving feedback and receiving feedback is always a bonus. Feedback helps a person think and improve.

As a sales trainer always remember to believe in feedback. Tell the sales team about what they can improve on, or, what sectors of work can they be better at.

In the same way, be open to feedback about sales training as well. Take reviews from people after you complete your training. This will directly help you in keeping a check on your sales training.

Ask questions to the sales team like; “Has the training made you realize about how to improve on your selling techniques”?

Or, “What is your take on the training as to how should I improve on my training skills”?

There can also be question feedback from the sales team as well. E.g., someone could ask, “How often do you think there should be sales training”? OR “What is the impact of frequent sales training”?


7. End with a competitive target 

The competition will always bring out the best in your salespersons. Healthy competition is considered a major key to success.

Above all of this, if you have a competitive target, it is a win-win situation.

I believe that every sales training should end with a Sales target. Just the reaction of the salesmen will tell you if the sales training was a success or not.

If the salesmen look disappointed then it means the training was a waste. On the other hand, if they seem motivated to work towards the target, then you can give yourself a 10/10.

You can set a competitive target like, ‘Team A and Team B have a target of converting at least 50 sales leads to sale deals’.

So if the training does have an impact on the sales team be sure to get your targets completed.



To all the readers, these tips were written keeping a sales trainer in mind. The article is for someone who gives sales training and not what happens with sales training.

If it all you do read it thoroughly, do let us know whether the tips will be helpful or not?

Mihir Shah is CEO and Founder of Yatharth Marketing Solution, the group specialized in offering personalized sales training programs to corporates worldwide. He is able to draw several years of experience imparting to management, sales, and corporate training serving wide industries. Mihir has assisted companies to grow incomes and enhance customer satisfaction score as well as assisting managers, leaders, and directors enhance the performance of their team with training.