“An objection is not a rejection; it is simply a request for more information”

– Bo Bennett

After 2 or 3+ year of experience, the salesperson has skills to do sales in a proper way. But sometimes they are not able to overcome objections. They think it is bad but this is totally wrong thinking. By this, you can learn new thing. It gives you the opportunity to show your skills and potential which you have in yourself as well as it creates a big image of you. In today’s market, you need to overcome it if you want to win your clients. It is one type of opportunity to win them. It means you need to give respond to your clients about your services. I would love to know you some ways to overcome objection in sales.

Listen to Your Clients

Listing is an important part of winning your clients. Every person who wants to become a buyer of any company, they have a desire to the company listing them and give a better response. When you listen to them then he/she will fill well and it creates a good impact to you and your company. Most of the salesperson not listen their client’s and give a response without proper listening. Due to this reason, they lost them as well as create a bad effect on the company reputation. If you have any question then you need to first listen to them then you can ask a question. It will be easy for you to win them.

Understand Clients Problem

You need to understand your client’s problems. The maximum salesperson is wanted close deals immediately and win them as soon as possible. This type of salesperson doesn’t know how to convince them to close the deal. You need to understand your client’s and after proper understanding, you can give a response to them. Without understanding, you can’t win them and response them properly. To the understand, if you need some days then take it but when you are going for respond, you can just give them proper solutions to their problems.

Get Proper Solutions to Problems

After listing and understand problems, you need to give them the proper solution. You need to be more confident about the solutions of problems which they have. Don’t miss this opportunity to show your skills to find best solutions and get best solutions. When you get the solution then winning client is not important but your solutions will understand your clients and they get proper solutions it’s very important.

Ask for Satisfaction

Once you get a solution to all objection you need you ask them for satisfaction. If clients need more details then give them further information. If clients not ready for a close deal then don’t try to force them. You don’t get a quick answer and close deal at a time. Just give some time to them for understanding all flow and process. After some time you need to just take a follow about the review. Also, ask them if they have any other question then they contact you anytime.


When you face objection handing problem then just try to follow above steps listing, understanding, solution and satisfied. It will help you to overcome your sales objection as well as you can build a good relationship with your clients. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to learn new thing and show your skills. If you need more details then you can feel free to contact me.

Mihir Shah is CEO and Founder of Yatharth Marketing Solution, the group specialized in offering personalized sales training programs to corporates worldwide. He is able to draw several years of experience imparting to management, sales, and corporate training serving wide industries. Mihir has assisted companies to grow incomes and enhance customer satisfaction score as well as assisting managers, leaders, and directors enhance the performance of their team with training.