As a human, we are greatly thankful to God for giving us the ability to think. Our ability to think is far better and superior to other living creatures. This unique quality had helped us to survive in this universe and built the present world as per our expectations. We can think and accordingly plan which helps us to achieve what we have the desire.

But most of the human is living with one confusion, whether they are thinking or worrying. Due to this, they are not able to practice the ability to think, plan and dominate. There is one thin line between thinking and worrying which is similar to construction and destruction. With clear, positive and right thinking we can imagine beautiful things and make that imagination a reality. The same thing if we do in opposite way, it will become destructive.

If we spend time in understanding this thin line then worrying is similar to the sky, you can just have the illusion that it is ending but there is no end of it. On the other hand, thinking is like you are moving towards treasure with a clear map in your hand. If you want to achieve great success in your life than you must need to have clear thinking in your mind, without that you will always live in confusion and sadness.

To achieve this great level of clear thinking, we need to begin the day with clear thinking. It is fact that once we get up in the morning our mind starts thinking about everything randomly and this will be continuing for the entire day which is natural.

But most of us don’t know that we have an ability to control our mind and direct it in the way where we want. Once you are wake up, your mind will starts worrying instead of thinking, stop there and redirect it to where you want to focus. It is better to get the hold on your mind and go in a direction where you want to go instead of getting with the endless ride.

Controlling your mind is easy, you can have good commands on it to do proper thinking and planning by doing some well-defined steps:

Prepare list

During our school days, we have learned many things like politics, strategic management, planning, and execution. But we all are focusing on this points just by considering that it will be part of exams, once we pass it, we neither think about those points nor implement them in our life. If we implement them rigorously in our life than these will give us clear direction on what we need to do for the particular day and how to align them with our priorities and to do list for the day which can lead you to success and help you achieve your day’s objective easily.

We all are occupied with multiple roles and responsibilities in our life which involves many things to accomplish in a day, week, month, year and so on. These will have a great impact on your mind’s thinking pattern and as you will wake up, all these roles along with duties and task associated with them come to your mind from everywhere. There will be thousands of thoughts, as a family member you need to take your parents to temple, as father you need to go to your kid’s school to meet his teachers and discuss his growth, as a household you need to go for shopping to bring things for home, as a husband you need to go with your wife for her shopping, as a professional you have to meet your clients, give training to your team.

Try to stop your mind over here and pause for moment, try to prepare a list of all thoughts which are coming to your mind and list down them on a paper one by one, this list may go to 100 points in beginning which will gradually decrease as you will get more and more control over your mind. Once you have prepared the list, now just review it. You will get to know that 90% of the thing from the list are not required to be done on the same day, you can do some of them tomorrow, some after 2 days and some later than that and few things are not at all required to do. Based on this analysis give priority to each task. You will have maximum 10 things which in fact requires your focus on that particular day.

Planning and execution

Once you have a clear list of priorities for the day, now start doing proper planning how you are going to complete them and on which time frame of the day. It is always better that you complete most critical tasks early in the morning as you will be fresh and more energetic at the beginning of the day. Also, you need to take care that all interdependent task is to align in a way that you are not coming to the same point again and again. For better planning, Many sales training firms provide personal development training and add module of planning.  So you can also learn about planning with them.

With clear planning, your execution of roles and responsibilities will become much easier, this is similar to our school days’ timetable where each section of the day is planned in advance and we know which lecture we are going to have on what time and who is going to take it. If you are able to plan and execute your day with a same level of accuracy and less margin of error, your chance to make your day and life successfully will become reality. This clear thinking along with great planning and execution will make an organized and effective person. Controlling your mind and align it with your goals will become your habit.

Report and review

As a student or professional, we have always seen reports. This reports will tell you how successful you are. Same way to become successful in your life, you need to start measuring your success for each day. Before ending your day or leaving office just spend 10 minutes with yourself and review all task which you have taken for the day and check how much you have completed and what is pending. The best way to do this review is, instead of doing it once a day at night or before leaving office, try to check this list every 2 hours as this will keep your mind focus and give clear instructions that how much is pending which you need to complete in given time frame.

If you have planned your day in the most effective way and executed it as per your plan, no one can stop you from becoming successful.

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“Your positive action combined with positive thinking result in success.”