All businessmen have one thing playing on their minds throughout their business careers. The thought that whether they have set up a perfect sales team or just a regular sales team. 

Regular Sales Team will give you irregular sales results but a Perfect Sales Team will give you great sales results all the time. Therefore, Businessmen dream of setting up a perfect sales team. So even if they wish to take a break for some time, they know the Sales team will thrive for success. 

If you do have plans of taking a  break then here are a few Sales tips for your Sales Team to succeed even in your absence.

1. Know Your Surroundings:

As the head of the corporation, you have to create a friendly environment in the workplace. Introduce every salesperson of your sales team to one another. 

The more your Sales team knows each other the happier the Environment of the Workplace will be. It also starts building trust and friendship amongst your sales team.

Inform your senior-level managers to be more friendly and use their authority only if required. If you want results you have to create a Sales team that has no problems within themselves.

If a Salesteam has problems within themselves, they will never focus on work. Their main focus will be to put down their teammates. 

Therefore remember to have a friendly and united team if you want to get your Sales results. 

2. Focus on Collaboration:

Focusing on collaboration is better than focusing on competition. The reason being, competition can bring in jealousy amongst the Salesmen.

Whereas Collaboration will keep your Salesmen united and loyal towards each other. Also, a Sales team is always stronger when they work as a joint force. If they work as a divided team they will make sales but much lesser. 

Competition brings a lot of trouble for the managers as well. As soon as you plan to be absent from your business, your sales team will have many fights and your managers will find it difficult to stop the fights.

Collaboration gives a positive feeling to work whereas competition can make things negative. 

3. Appreciate Performance:

Appreciating performance is more of a motivational process for your Salesmen. The more your Salesmen are motivated the better they will work and the longer they will stay in your organization. 

Every time the sales team is appreciated, they try to work harder to get the same appreciation again. If your sales team has achieved more than expected, give an appreciation speech in front of your whole organization. 

Okay now if the sales team is becoming unstoppable then your appreciation techniques also have to update.  For e.g., you need to start giving incentives as your appreciation process.

You as the head need to go the extra mile if your sales team is going the extra mile to give you good sales results.  The more you do for your team the harder they will work for you. 

4. Make your managers firm:

After you, the ones with authority are your Sales managers. Now you can have a single or a two-line managerial system. 

Remember, that whoever is the authority above the salesmen manages to maintain a good relationship with the salesmen. 

The managers have to be clear with what they expect from the salesmen. Most importantly the managers have to be a guide to the salesmen.

Make sure to remind the managers that they have to communicate with the sales executives. The lesser there is a fear of authority the better will be the workflow.

5. Hire winners:

The more winners you have in your sales team the more profits you will make. Therefore your hiring process has to be done with precession. 

When you hire your salesmen, the first thing you have to notice about them is their winning spirit. If a salesman has a winning spirit, you know he is the perfect man for the job. 

If at all you do have salesmen working for years and have lost their charm, then your new salesmen might just bring their winning spirit back. 

When I say winning I don’t only mean winning with money, but a salesman should win a customer’s trust, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, etc.

6. Have clear communication:

The most important thing for your Sales team to do well is having clear communication. Communication is necessary because if one person of the Sales team does not know what the other is doing then it will cause problems. 

There should be nothing to hide if you work as a team. Each one should know what the other is doing. The best way to solve communication problems is by following a fixed line of communication.

Even your managers should communicate with the salesmen on daily goals. When communication is done from higher levels to lower levels, it is supposed to be in a lighter mood. This just makes the lower-level sales employees feel relaxed. 

7. Get goad Sales Coaches:

As soon as you feel your sales team is on a decline, you need to get in some Sales coaches. Not just any sales coach but some really good sales coaches. 

Sales coaches will help in guiding your salesmen. With the induction of sales coaches, your sales team will have newer ideas to sell.

If you do find that the sales coach has done a good job you can always call them over for future sales issues. Sales coaches are called for solving or improving the problems you face while selling. You will notice a drastic change in your sales team once they have received sales coaching.

8. Find and Eradicate your weak spots:

As the leader, since you are sitting on the top and looking over things, you have to look for weak spots. Study your sales team’s weak spots, work on how to eradicate them.

Weak spots can be anything. For e.g., you have a sales team of 22 people, out of which 2 of them are underperformers. Now what you have to do is, introduce them into sales coaching or if there is still no resolution then give them deadlines.

Each weak spot will have to be tackled differently. Now it depends on you, how good an entrepreneur you are to tackle weak spots.

Another weak spot is competition from your competitors. Competitors can affect your sales employees as well. That is because they feel they are not good enough to defeat the competition. Again you have to come with something new and overcome your problems. The best solution to this would be having a Sales training program

9. Sales Reps must practice:

There is a saying ‘Practice before you Preach’. The same way Sales reps should practice their Selling script as many times as possible before selling the product.

The more your Sales team practices, the better the sales results they will get. If the keep practicing they will master the art of selling. In time to come, they might not need any more practice. 

The other thing about sales is that every time you go out to sell something, you learn something new. Therefore as a salesman, you should think of all the possibilities and practice them out so that you are not troubled. 

10. Lead by Example:           

The last and most important Sales tip. All salesmen learn from someone who is at a higher level than them. Since you are the highest in the authority chain, almost every person in the sales team looks up to you. 

If you bring out the best in you, your sales team will bring out the best in them. For e.g., Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli gives his 100% on the field. When his teammates look at him working so hard they automatically start giving their 100%. 

This is a classic example of how a leader should lead by example. Even you as a leader have to be an example for your sales team to work hard. 

If at all you do plan to take a break and be absent from your business, these are the tips you need to enforce on your sales team. If you succeed in doing this you can be tension free and enjoy your break. Do let me know about what is your take on these tips and give your reviews in the comment section.   

Mihir Shah is CEO and Founder of Yatharth Marketing Solution, the group specialized in offering personalized sales training programs to corporates worldwide. He is able to draw several years of experience imparting to management, sales, and corporate training serving wide industries. Mihir has assisted companies to grow incomes and enhance customer satisfaction score as well as assisting managers, leaders, and directors enhance the performance of their team with training.