Is your sales training program failing again and again? Want to know the reasons? Today I will explain you every negative factor associated with your sales training program.

There can be so many factors and reasons that may fail your sales training program. Most such factors and reasons are connected to each other. So, by working on one, you will be able to improve another weak point. So, here we will list 7 key reasons why your sales training program may fail. I’m sure by knowing these 7 reasons you will succeed in your next training programs. Read on to know 7 reasons or factors.

Reasons why your sales training may fail

You’ve not defined any specific goals with a sales training program

This one is the most common reason why sales training programs fail. Fact is, goals elaborate and provide the path that needs to be followed to succeed. Without aim and objective, things become unidirectional. That means, your sales representative will be gaining sales market exposure, skills, and knowledge for sure, but they will have no idea why they are learning such skills and what exactly they are supposed to achieve. Thus, with no specific goals, training programs fail always, and you will never get the desired outcomes. So, it’s better to define the goal and objective first. Let your sales reps know why they are learning and what they will be doing with those sales skills and being a sales manager, what do you expect from them after completing the sales training program.

Your sales training program has an inappropriate learning pattern and design

If you’re enrolling sales team into your sales training program then great, you’re proceeding in the right direction to improve sales of an organization. However, what about the pattern and design of sales training programs? Is your training program has capabilities to target all experienced and fresher sales reps together? Fact is, there is a lot of difference between a veteran and,  a fresher sale reps, the differences lies between skills, exposure, and practical knowledge. In Case, if a sales training program is designed to target sales reps with advanced skills and exposure, probably fresher ones will fill clueless in such training sessions. So, always ensure that your training program is designed to target all sales reps together and the training session flows from primary to advance level to make things more clear to sales reps.  It will surely help the sales team to succeed and yield maximum conversions for the respective organization.

Your sales training program is not able to hold the attention of sales reps and engage them in the training session.

It’s not just a professional sales training program, its all about educating the sales reps and exposing sales factors to them. The more attractively you will explore and elaborate the things, the more easily target sales reps will get it into their brain. Engagement plays a vital role in training programs. It’s necessary that a sales training program must have capabilities to hold the sales reps attention. If they will not find the training session attractive and exciting, probably they will lose the interest and thus the chance of sales training program failure increases. Have a look on below points to improve the sales training effectiveness:

  • Sales training faculty must schedule the training session in series to maintain the flow.
  • The level of training session must be basic to advance.
  • The elaboration techniques and approaches must be creative enough to engage and hold the attention of enrolled sales reps.
  • Real life practical examples must be included in the training session to offer a personal touch. Most of the fresher sales reps learn more from practical examples than theoretical stuff, so better you cover it.

So, it’s not about just providing training program as a source of learning, it’s about engaging them, educating them and exposing the real side of sales market with up to date strategies.

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Your sales training program is missing some critical elements

Are you sure that your sales training program is all in one power pack source of learning for sales reps?  A sales training program consists of 5 key elements. Have a look below to know…
1. Dedication
2. Punctuality
3. Skill Development
4. Customer/client psychology
4. Real world sales exposure
5. Strategies that help to yield Real world positive results.
If a training program misses any of the above 5 elements, the sales training will get failed probably. It’s all about making a sales team perfect, and when a word like perfect comes into the picture you can’t compromise with any downside factors. The above 5 elements are known to make a sales reps or sales team perfect to deal with every aspect of sales.

Your sales training program is not based on latest/updated sales market trend and sales approaches and thus not offering the right skills and knowledge

As said earlier, sales market is volatile in nature and that’s why sales trend, methodologies and approaches changes within no time. Thus, if a sale training program is training a sales team with the old set of information, methods, and strategies, probably the sales training program will fail very badly. To succeed in the sales market, its necessary to stay updated with latest sales trend and sales approaches.

Your sales training program has inappropriate level, and you’re not putting quality  efforts

Efforts exerted by the trainer and the level of the training program are two other factors that define the final goal of a sales training program. Fewer efforts exertion and inappropriate training level can reduce the efficiency and affect the results of your training programs negatively. Therefore, ensure that whatever training level you’re offering is appropriate for target sales team and also analyze the efforts you’re putting in the training session. Being a trainer in training programs, even 100% efforts don’t work sometimes. So, you need to think out of the box and put all your efforts to make your training programs successful and skill the target sales reps excellently.

Your sales training program is not able to explain customer psychology

Elaborating Customer psychology is the most critical part of both sales training programs and coaching. It’s all about getting into the shoes of the customer and understand his mind and requirement and then attracting him/her to invest in respective product or services. If your sales training program is not able to help the target sales reps to learn and understand customer/client psychology, your training session will fail very badly.

Using real-world practical examples, stories, sales scenarios can be the great way to explain customer psychology and behaviours to the respective sales team.

Final Words…

That’s all. The above 7 reasons are the most common reasons and factors that fail sales training programs. Follow the provided tips, work on weak point to improve and boost the efficiency of your training program to make the target sales reps yield sales and conversion as per the expectation of a sales manager. Hope the content has delivered some valuable information to you. Thanks all and wish you luck with your sales training program and sales goals. If you want to know more about this article, feel free to contact us at info@yatharthmarketing.com.


Mihir Shah is CEO and Founder of Yatharth Marketing Solution, the group specialized in offering personalized sales training programs to corporates worldwide. He is able to draw several years of experience imparting to management, sales, and corporate training serving wide industries. Mihir has assisted companies to grow incomes and enhance customer satisfaction score as well as assisting managers, leaders, and directors enhance the performance of their team with training.