It is observed that we are the reflection of people who are in our surrounding. Due to this, it is very important that we are keeping our self with people who can influence us or guide us in the proper way and for this, we need to carefully select them. It is always good to have a team of such experts who can help you on each part of your life by becoming good guide or mentor.

This pattern is always followed by all successful people, companies or leaders. They will always have the panel of experts to whom they can contact in adverse situations or whenever they need guidance to grow.

In life we all are meeting many people and do many discussions with them, they might give us advise or just listen to us. But till date, we have never thought of formulating a panel of expert out of this people or search for those type of experts who can really become one of the key parts for your success in professional as well personal life.

To build this team of experts around you, you just need to follow simple 4 steps and done, you are surrounded by the team who will help you achieve your desired goals easily:

1. Search for expert

Most of the times people feel that finding an expert is a hard job and their consultations fees will be also high, but this is far from the real fact. Experts and Mentors are easy to find and they are always accessible whenever you need them. They will be always happy to provide their services to you at affordable rates and even free consultation. Like what I am doing, I always provide 1-hour free consultation to people who come to me and if that is giving them the result they can hire me on nominal rates which will never put a burden on their pockets.

2. Reach the expert

Once you find this expert don’t just read their article, blogs or watch their videos as that will just pass a small part of their actual knowledge. To gain complete knowledge, you need to approach them. This could be done using simple email, text message, Skype message, WhatsApp, a website from or even social media like Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter etc. Try to tell them why you approached him and how you need them to help you. Experts will be always happy to help you.

3. Give respect

Since ancient time, kings were creating their board of wise people. Such as Chatrapati Shivaji was having his panel of 8 experts known as “Ashta-Pradhan,  Akabar’s panel was called as “Navratnas”. All these experts were given formal position in the panel and were respected by King and his kingdom. Same way you should also give your experts formal position and ask them for inputs whenever require. Call them in your board meetings and ask them for their inputs. Respect and honor is something required by experts from you.

4. Personal touch

Once you have found the expert and given him a proper position, now don’t just make it a formal relationship where you don’t have any personal touch to it. With experts it is always better that you be in touch with them on regular bases and involve them in each step of life, talk to them with the open heart and share all things with them so they can guide you well.

A mentor is a person who can guide you, suggest you and tell you which way is good and bad for yours. Best sales trainer always help you to become successful. To become a sales expert you need to find the expert person who can help you to become successful.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” Oprah Winfrey