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Help you achieve your goals faster than before. Our detailed videos and step by step process will help you to get proper direction and achieve your personal and professional life goals quickly. Contact us to know more details about each process explain in videos.


YMS – Top IT Corporate Sales & Training Consulting Firm

In present marketplace you need to have aggression to achieve your goal and hunger for success. Sales is the key part for any company and its growth. YMS will help you to improve your sales performances, make your idea a great success and be more effective in all part of your life professional as well personal.


Sales Training

In present corporate world, some people may relish an extroverted “sales personality” that makes them a natural fit for the sales team, selling effectively is still a skill that must be developed and taught to them in most easy at the same time effective way. Sales training can help aspiring salespeople develop and practice the skills they need to succeed and increase their confidence level by repeating them.

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Enterprenuer Training

We have got 8+ years’ experience of supporting and counselling effective high-tech businesses, helping them achieve their business objective and at the same time help them to dominate the industry in which they want to do business. Our detailed training program, covering all the essential elements will help you to do proper business in proper way for health internal and external relationship.

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Personal Development

Personal development is a lifetime process. It’s a way for people to judge their skills and potentials, deliberate their aims in life and set goals in order to comprehend and maximize their potential. We will help you to identify the skills you need to set life goals which can enhance your employ ability prospects, relationship prospects, personal bonding and raise your confidence and lead personal empowerment.

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Entrepreneur, Sales Trainer, Professional Speaker, Business Development & Success Expert.

Mihir Shah is Founder and CEO of Yatharth Group , a group specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. Mihir’s goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined.

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How we are different from others?

We believe in giving the best to our clients and we understand each company is different than others. Based on client needs and after analyzing their actual problem we provide proper customized training program.

We have worked with all leading industries like IT, Printing, Media, Education, Automobile and many more, and have done sales for them so we know how your industry works and what client wants.
Client Centric
YMS opportunity Management process, method, and tools are client centric and tailored to address the needs of each individual opportunity while maximizing value throughout the sales process.
Comprehensive Learning Structure that includes assessment, program customization and strong reinforcement to ensure that learning happens over time to drive behavior change and give top performance.

Client Video Testimonials

What our clients says about us

I have always heard the phrase “all you need in life is within…” but never took it literally until i hired Mihir to help me grow my sales, He gave me a short speech about “overlooked opportunities” which i dismissed in my mind as a marketing jargon. He was very professional from his excellent customer service to the customised solution he designed which helped us engage with today’s highly connected consumers effectively on social media which led to over 200% profit in the first month. Mihir is a genius and i highly recommend him
YMS is not providing just a consultancy to organizations. They are creating complete customized process and training sessions which are specific to our issues and gives us solutions to overcome them successfully each time. They are available 24by7 which give us more comfort-zone. We can call Mihir any time and there will be prompt and positive response each time.This makes a huge difference for any business and we can completely depend on YMS
Jigish Shah
Mihir Shah really knows his stuff. Many of his examples pointed right at behaviours my team and I had taken on, and then he told us how to FIX them! The knowledge I received through this course has helped increase my sales figure and I have become the top sales person literally every month. I've been using a lot of the methods I learned in the course and my sales are up 20% this month. Yatharth Marketing Solution is a perfect solution for any sales organization. I would highly recommend everyone take Mihir’s course, especially those who are interested in furthering their career and closing more sales
Danijela Majkic
Mihir is a really great guy with good knowledge; his given solutions and ideas to me are really effective and incredible. It's really wonderful to work with Mihir's consultancy. I would like to recommend him as the best Consultant for IT Services.
Arvind Upadhyay
Mihir is extremely driven and focused on providing his customers with what they need in a very quick and timely manner. Every time I have worked with Mihir (as his customer) he has went above and beyond to exceed my expectations, offer solutions to my inquiries, and just in general is very knowledgeable and helpful in everything that he does.
Hayley Justine Thompson
YMS have helped us to understand the real sales process, when we started 2 years back we were lost, our clients were angry and we were on point where we planned to closed the company. YMS have given us confidence and helped us to build a friendly relationship with client and be their honest consultant.This had not just helped us to survive but also earn respect in the market. YMS have proven their words that sales is just outcome of good relationship.
Uma Roy
Mihir provided excellent consultation for the product and services offered from his clients. He was very knowledgeable and always provided reasonable solutions. For his true professionalism, Mihir earns my highest recommendation.
Al Battagliotti
Mihir is a very efficient and effective solution provider. We worked together on incorporating a new web solution into our business and his help and discipline kicked off our project and kept the timeline in check. Doesn't complicate things with too much of the extras which helps focus on completing the task at hand and then introduces a timeline on how to grow the solution step by step. I enjoyed working with him and recommend him highly.
Victoria Kelechian
YMS have helped our manager to be a leader and take decisions by taking team in confidence and also the management. With the help of YMS now we don’t have just managers but they are now true leaders of the firm
Tom Lewis
I would thoroughly recommend working with Mihir. Since I began working with Mihir in February he has gone above and beyond to make sure he found all the best solutions for me and has been a great support during the rather stressful periods of setting up my business. Mihir took the extra time to make sure I was happy with everything and was so helpful when I had a lot of questions. Mihir has great customer service skills and also had a great understanding of what would really benefit my business and help it grow.
Louise Clark
“Most of other sales training and sales consultancy companies incline to be coping each other. YMS’ knowledge of our business makes them very effective at understanding our needs and then helping us in a more focused way to lead 70% growth in just 1 quarters and suggestively increased our penetration and revenue in existing accounts.”
Mitul Patel
Mihir and his team have helped us to manage our strategic accounts in most effective way due to which at present our 68% business is coming from our existing accounts which had helped us to reduce our cost for finding new clients and time for developing relationship with them.
Krunal Bhatt
Mihir is a good friend, when we first known each other, he helps me a lot with my job and life direction. I know he is best on his work in the IT field, and he works very hard, what the point is: he is very helpful, so it's why i write this recommendation here!
Carrie Hu
I have worked with Mihir on multiple development projects. He understood my needs and requirements and worked closely with me to insure the project was completed on time and as directed. I would highly recommend Mihir.
Sharon (Troth) Gaffney
Mihir is an extremely thorough business development consultant. He is creative in his approach for making business strategies. When working on MyPrintCloud, he always aware of the key points to grow the business.In addition to his professional skills, Mihir is excellent team player, he brought in a lot of enthusiasm and leading capabilities to his team.
Muhammad Naveed
Working along with such understanding and flexible person was a treat for me. He is having a clear vision for the workings and he comes up with the innovation every time I interact with him. He is having vast knowledge of the IT structure and the working models. It is rare to find such combinations in a single person. He is a combination of a developer, sales and owner. He work as an owner, understands as a sales guy and does the implementation as a developer. I have learnt a lot from him and got motivated by working along with him.
Kaushal Dave
It is my pleasure to recommend Mihir, as a master mind in all types of marketing strategies , the only words I can say is he is a man with vision and knows to convert ideas into reality so I personally recommend him for all types of marketing services. I wish him all the very best for his future. I admire and recommend Mihir's work.
Baba Fakruddin
I had an experience with Mihir so far that was very quick. I hope it lasts for years. So far, everything is being great. The resolutions of my questions are fast and the deal was opened with no tricks. He was always on time on our meetings and very polite.
Daniel Paciornik
Mihir and guys have been working with MyPrintCloud for quite some time and establishing a Marketing and Sales channel quite effectively. The team is highly professional, motivated and result orientated. We are happy with progress and looking forward to extend and expand this relationship.
Muzzammil Waheed
I knew Mihir around last 2 yrs, he is very hardworking and positive personality.
Gayatri Verma
Mihir comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to "give first". You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Mihir as I have.
Carl White
Mihir is a very skilled pre-sales technical and business consultant in web-to-print systems. His collaboration with us was instrumental in the training of sakes force and initial engagements with strategic accounts.
Jorvik Du
Mihir is the guy to go to for any kind of projects, I was able to experience first hand his expertise in business development, communication, and negotiation. It is always a pleasure and an honor for me to work with Mihir.
Devendra Sikarwar
Mihir know the sales process completely and how it should be done to get maximum business from each and every opportunity.His belief that each opportunity will give us something and each of them are real business always motivates our team to offer best solution to them. He is good communicator and leader, he has power using which he can lead sales team to desire objectives and help them to achieve their target easily.
Sweta Shah

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